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Pipes – An overview

It is a hollow cylindrical tube with certain specific dimensions to regulate and direct the water supply and other gases. They are mainly used in industries, house-hold applications. Plumbing pipes are usually used for water supply. According to the requirement and purposes, plumbing pipes are classified into different types. They are:

  • Cast iron pipe
  • GI pipe
  • Wrought iron pipe
  • Steel pipe
  • Copper pipe
  • Plastic pipe
  • Asbestos cement pipe
  • Concrete pipe
  • Vitrified clay pipe. 

Certain plumbing pipes serve its purpose to the best which includes Copper pipes, galvanized pipes, plastic PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) pipes, CPVC (Chlorinated PVC) pipes, cross-linked polyethylene pipes. These pipes are readily available in markets. This article is going to brief you about the other different plumbing pipes.

Cast iron pipes: This kind of pipes is widely used for long-distance transmission of water between different cities. They are widely used because of its long durability and high resistance to corrosion. They are usually 12 feet high but it is possible to construct a 20 feet high pipe. The diameter of these pipes varies from 5 cm to 120 cm. It has a greater advantage than it is cheap and economical. They can be cut and joined easily.

Galvanized pipes (GI Pipe): Unlike cast iron pipes, the galvanized pipes are made up of mild metal sheets. These GI pipes are specifically used for transferring water, the gas inside the building. The diameter of GI pipes varies from 6 mm to 15 cm and its length varies up to 20 feet. The pipes prepared from the steel sheets are dipped into a zinc solution to prevent it from rusting. This is the process of galvanization. The GI pipes can be easily bent, cut and threaded. They are light-weighted and cheap.

Wrought iron pipes: The wrought iron pipes are similar to that of the GI pipes. These pipes are also used for transferring water and gas inside the building. It is made up of wrought iron sheets. These are comparatively weight-less pipes. The diameter varies from 12 mm to 15 cm.

Steel pipes: Steel pipes are used to carry water, gas to different places under pressure. These pipes are made up of iron sheets. 

Copper pipes: Copper pipes are made of small diameter. As copper is a costly metal, it is used in limited places only. They are used to carry hot water or steam. They don’t easily bend even at high temperatures.

Plastic pipes: The plastic PVC pipes are used for carrying water. They are highly resistant to electric current. As it is light in weight, they are easy to cut and bend.

Asbestos cement pipes: As the name suggests, they are made up of asbestos, silica, and cement. The diameter of these pipes varies from 4 – 36 inches available up to 12 feet in length. As the asbestos cement pipes are less in weight, they can be assembled without any skilled labor.

 The above-mentioned plumbing pipes are the best available pipes in the market. They are many pipe manufacturers available in cities where the above-mentioned pipes are readily available.





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