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Perfect Cleaning With Perfect vacuuming for You

Do you want to have a clean floor without too many back problems? This is how we best vacuum and why it is important to do it right.


A household task that we would very much like to skip! Cleaning the living room can soon become a real burden when we have to move all of that furniture. Household is not exactly a sport but with the help of the vacuum cleaner we can certainly burn some calories without straining our backs. This is how we best vacuum, without pain. You need the best Vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors there.

Vacuuming without (back) pain

Our back is the most sensitive part of the body when we vacuum. We always have a tendency to vacuum very quickly and this puts our body in sometimes very unnatural positions. So this is how we position ourselves:

  • The right hand grips the handle of the telescopic tube
  • We place the left hand a little further
  • Our right leg nicely stretched!
  • And our left leg slightly folded

This is the solution for people with back problems who wonder how best to use the vacuum cleaner. In this way the back stays nicely straight with every movement.

In which way vacuuming?

An efficient technique for good vacuuming starts with dusting off furniture and shelves with a dust-absorbent cloth. Indeed, dusting ensures that the fabric starts to move and eventually ends up on the floor. That is of course a good thing when we just want to vacuum.

Afterwards it is recommended to get rid of everything that can hinder us during vacuuming. How do we want to vacuum efficiently if we have to avoid a chair or children’s toys every other time? Finally, we can still vacuum up the crumbs in the sofas and sofas by using the right vacuum cleaner end.

Are you allergic to dust mites? Then these are some useful tips to keep your house dust-free:

  • Choose a vacuum cleaner with a good score on dust emissions and suction performance.
  • Ensure that the dust bag or container is positioned correctly so that the end of the hose fits properly.
  • Ensure that the vacuum cleaner filters are positioned correctly, so that no air can leak through them.
  • Replace or clean the dust bag or container regularly. Have someone else do this for you.
  • Dust drips in the air when vacuuming. Do you have a lot of dust? Then it’s best to have someone else vacuum clean.
  • Vacuum quietly so that as few dust particles fly as possible.
  • The dust particles still swirl around for half an hour after vacuuming. Ventilate the room well.
  • Mop hard floors after vacuuming.

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