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More Tips on Making Your House Feel Homely

Making your new house feel like home doesn’t require spending loads of money or hiring a décor team. These simple tips can help to create the warmth and inviting feeling that will leave your family and guests feeling at home.

Be Bold with Colour

Opt for colour! We don’t mean turning your home into a multi-coloured rainbow fair, we just mean choosing feature items with one or two complimentary hues. Colour will inject life and character into the home and will make the area a whole lot more exciting and inviting. The trend these days is filling your home with muted shades such as grey, black and white and while this is modern, it doesn’t make the home feel very homely. If, however, you want to stay within the current trend, incorporate some colour into the small items such as cushions, or foot stools. If you want your home to look like a home and not a hotel lobby, then add more colour! As mentioned, choose colours such as cream or tan for the main furniture items and choose a striking colour as the feature shade that runs throughout the home.

Add Greenery

Bring the outside, in! Bring some natural colour and character by adorning your home with pretty flowers and plants. Not only will it give the home a gorgeous smell, but it will also bring some captivating flair and sophistication to your home. Try something tropical, such as air plants, to add a hint of exotic greenery to the room. Position the flowers on the dining room table, the living room table or the kitchen counter, and position pot plants in ‘spacy’ areas that would otherwise go unused.

Invest in Art

Invest in gorgeous art pieces that radiate your style and taste and flows with the ‘theme’ of the home. Artworks, like African wildlife photos or scenic landscapes, also help one to identify a feature colour for their home, as you can pull shades from the artwork and bring it out in items such as cushions and rugs. Artworks also reflect your interests and let’s guests in on who you are and what moves you.

Fill Those Empty Spaces

There’s a big difference between filling empty spaces to make it look a little less bare and cluttering the area. We of course don’t mean you should clutter your home, but what we rather suggest you do, is identify the spaces that are bare and fill it with just one or two items. If you take an entrance hall for example, this area can often look like it was forgotten – only because most people are unsure of what to put there. The space is often awkward in shape – usually rectangular, and unable to house large items like armchairs. For spaces such as these, you could add an entrance table with photo frames or flowers, or you could place two smaller chairs to make it look a little more cosy.

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