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Modular Building Hire

Modular building hire is becoming increasingly popular as it offers a number of benefits for businesses and institutions which wish to have portable buildings for their short- or medium-term needs. Hiring these buildings is common for:

  • the construction industry

  • educational institutions such as schools, universities and nurseries

  • healthcare such as doctors’ surgeries

  • commercial businesses

  • temporary events such as trade fairs and festivals

What are the Advantages of Modular Building Hire?

The main benefit of hiring modular buildings is that it is cost-effective. There is no need to purchase a building outright or arrange an expensive extension and worry about borrowing money to fund expansion. It is also much faster than building. As the modular building is manufactured off-site, there is much less disruption and noise when the building is put in place. Finally, hiring a bespoke building offers people greater flexibility. As their needs change, it can be extended, reconfigured and if necessary relocated.

What does the Hire of Modular Buildings Include?

If you hire modular buildings, there are a number of things which are usually included in the price. These are:

  • control over the design specifications such as the size and position of doors, etc.

  • the preparation of the groundworks

  • ensuring the building abides by all regulations and if necessary planning permission

  • the fitting of service connections

  • heating and lighting

  • maintenance and after-care

Some aspects of the temporary building such as adding a corporate logo, furniture hire or floor coverings are offered as extras.

From small stand-alone cabins to large multi-storey buildings, hiring a modular building is a fast, flexible and cheaper solution when companies or institutions need more space.

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