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Mintconstruct and Its High-Quality Services in the Construction Industry

Mintconstruct Pty Ltd has been in the construction industry for well over 16 years and they are very proud to offer some of the highest quality design as well as renovation services to customers from all over the Gold Coast.

High quality services

This company is known for services that are high quality and they are proud that their customers keep coming back time and again for all their commercial and residential construction projects.

Dedicated to clients

Mintconstruct Pty Ltd is 100 percent dedicated to their customers and their home improvement projects from the very beginning to the end of the project. From the planning and phase of design to the final touches to project end, any client of Mintconstruct can be assured they have the best team for any construction job.

Professional management

This company is proud to deliver the best in professional management as well as cutting-edge craftsmanship to all their projects. Mintconstruct Pty Ltd Gold Coast builders are very well-known in the field of construction and re-construction all over the Gold Coast area.


This company’s commitment involves:

  • Quality
  • Client satisfaction
  • Project efficiency

Commitment to their 3 aspects of business, has make Mintconstruct one of the Gold Coast’s most trusted builders. They do whatever is necessary to turn their clients’ renovation and building dreams into a reality while all the timegiving the client’s asmooth and free of hassle construction project. Their goal is to become the number 1 construction company in this area of Australia.

Tips for choosing a builder

Mintcontruct gives these three tips to help in choosing a quality builder. These include:

  • Research online
  • Review the portfolios of any builders
  • Read client testimonials

When a company has high marks in all three of these areas, they are worth the time to discuss a project with.


Often choosing a builder can be a real headache – but using these top tips you really can not go wrong in choosing a builder for your next construction project.

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