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Make your portraits stand out by adding nature into them

When you look around the part of the world you live in, you see nothing but amazing features that make nature look wonderful. Imagine if you had some of the wonderful features around you in your portraits. They would look astonishingly unique and connect your viewers to nature and your imagery. Incorporating what you see with your portraits will also give the portraits a good texture and create some depths.

If you love portraits, then go out and explore your surroundings to look for what inspires you most. If you find something that inspires you, combine it with your portraits and enjoy watching the world around you much closer. For years, many renowned artists created their masterpieces entirely based on what they observed in nature. The art pieces inspire a sense of curiosity, a love for the beauty in nature and a sense of wonder.

Some of the artists that combined art and nature to create wonderful pieces were Vincent Van Cogh with the starry night, Leonardo de Vinci with Studies Of Crabs, George O’Keeffe with Oriental Poppies and Ansel Adams with Close-Up Of Leaves In Glacier National Park among many other artists. Modern day artists also use nature in their art to express themselves. One good example is Loulou Avenue with her FULL MOON art print as part of her Ocean Series. You too can add nature to make your portraits stand out.

How to add nature to your portraits


  • Use natural foreground framing


If you are a photographer and you want your portraits to look amazing go into the surroundings and capture your subjects through what you see. Shoot from up a tree or from the ground to create a captivating foreground for the portrait. The green and other different colours of the flora and fauna give your pictures a certain depth that draws viewers to them. They are more creative than a photo shot in a clear space with nothing on the background or foreground. Use as many angles as you possibly can, which includes close-ups to create the perfect framing.  


  • Lighting


Whether you are using a camera to take your portraits or making drawings of certain subjects, you need natural light to do so. Nature portraits look better with indirect or direct light from the moon or the sun. Photos taken in the morning and during sunset illuminate your subjects more because of the soft hazy quality of the lighting. The lighting during these periods eliminates the harsh shadows of your subjects. If your subjects are animals, the best time to score great shots of them is either in the morning or in evening.


  • Have the right equipment


If you are going out there to make a drawing of what you see around you or draw a portrait of an animal or a person, make sure you have everything you need. This includes all the right colours to capture all the colours you see and the right paint to create images similar to what surrounds you. If you are using a camera, you can start by using what you have.

Some people may think that to take the best photographs, you need an expensive camera with optic zooming and dual lenses. While these will help you to create more compelling photos, even a smartphone can take great outdoors photographs. Whatever you use, make sure you capture everything you want to include in your portrait.


  • Keep everything on your portrait natural


If you are taking shots of animals in the wild, do not try to push them to places where you would want them to be but take their pictures in their natural habitat. If it’s a bird perched on top of a buffalo, take the shot when it is there. Such kinds of photos look more creative and interesting to look at.

Wrapping it up

Displaying natural elements on your artwork is both interesting and enlightening. It makes you see the world around you in a different light and appreciate it more. The passion with which you capture the moments and the surroundings, will show on your art. It is also a good way to be different from the rest and add style and an artistic quirk to your work.  


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