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Lock services install electronic door locks for better security

Electronic locks were mostly used in hotels and offices which used RFID swipe cards or keypads with unique numbers. Biometrics were used later on and are now even being used on phones and laptops. Electronic doors are now very popular for home owners and listed here are the most popular ones on the market:

  • ENTR Mul-T-Lock

This door lock does not allow you to have a physical key for entering. You can only gain access by using the fingerprint reader, a key fob or an app. You can give access codes and revoke access codes to anyone and once the door is closed, it automatically locks after a few seconds. It is compatible with any type of door but can only be purchased from licensed dealers.

  • August Smart Key Lock

This device is installed on the inside of your door so that it cannot be tampered with from the outside. The inside is keyless but the outside can still include a deadbolt for entry using a key. It communicates via a secured BlueTooth connection and can work with iOS or Android devices. An app is used to control the door from a distance, grant access codes, share locking codes and it even sends out a reminder if the AA batteries that are used in the device, are low.

  • Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt

This is a keyless numeric entry deadbolt but it can also work with a regular key should you have a power outage. It can store up to 250 passcodes and connects to your smartphone, tabled or PC, controlled by an independent mesh network so your bandwidth is not used. It can be used with voice programming to setup and control the lock. Yale is a trusted household brand so it is one of the most commonly used devices.

  • Samsung Digital Door Lock

This device is not recommended to be used with door knobbed doors, only doors with handles. It uses a fingerprint reader, RFID key fob or pin entry. It is a touchscreen and works with an app to control the door lock and is usually installed above the door handle. Since it is Samsung technology, it can integrate with Samsung’s smart home solutions, security sensors and video cameras to name a few.

  • Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

You can use a regular key if you forgot your passcode but the device can only store up to 30 passcodes. It does not use an app but it can connect to your home automation system. What is unique about this when compared with the others, is that it has an audible alert whenever the door is opened.

Consider upgrading your door locks hiring a lock service to one of these smart solutions for convenience and added safety. These devices would stop thieves in their tracks because they may not be familiar with how the technology works. Some devices can be controlled remotely so you can give access to the cable guy who comes while you are not home, a friend or a relative and then revoke the access whenever you like.

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