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Kitchen Counter Top Design Trends of 2018

The countertop has in many occasions proven to be a valuable kitchen component. It’s where most of the kitchen action takes place. More importantly, a countertop is the basis of your kitchen decor when you want to renovate this small space. It bears the task of setting the feel and tone of the small area. Here are the top countertop trends for this year and which will create some new ideas for your kitchen.

1. Quartz is Here to Stay

In the beginning, quartz came into use as a high-end option over granite, look at our granite vs quartz article. Granite, which is a naturally-occurring rock, has for decades been an unmatched force when it comes to countertops particularly for homeowners looking for something good looking, strong, and durable. Its downside, however, is that it is porous. This implies that fluids like wine, water, and oils could seep through its surface and result in staining. What’s even worse is that it could encourage breeding of bacteria which could cause your countertop to be unsanitary.

The porous nature of granite can be dealt with by using a non-porous sealant to seal the granite surface. And since the sealant wears and tears with time, there is need to have the countertop resealed quite often.

On the other hand, quartz is a non-porous material that needs no constant re-sealing. This implies that it does not easily stain and is a hygienic countertop option for those who like a clean kitchen. Not forgetting that quartz is robust, which makes it quite durable, it is evident that quartz kitchen worktops Surrey will remain a top choice in the countertop scene and many homeowners will not hesitate to pick it.

2. The Textured Finishes vs Polished

Since we’ve had a taste of design movement utilising more tactile and textured surfaces, why shouldn’t you use it in countertops? The most common options are honed, and leather surfaces and could be used on various materials, like quartz, marble, and granite. And while polished still remains to be a popular option, there are benefits you accrue from the other two.

A honed finish is a unique matte finish with minimal to zero shine. The final look varies depending on the type of stone, but it must possess a smooth surface and low sheen. Honed finished complement marble because its lack of shine hides scratch marks or flaws more easily.

3. A Character in Countertops – Veining and Patterns Are Getting Popular

Homeowners are now looking for more character with their countertops. And fortunately, technology has come to provide creative solutions. Currently, countertops come in various patterns contrary to the everyday styles that were used before. It is time to embrace realistic veining and say goodbye to round particulates of old countertops.

Quarts is a material that is now being designed so that it resembles pieces of natural stone, like marble and granite. This involves the creating of veins in impressive patterns engraved onto the slabs. This extra boost to your creativity in the kitchen will be mesmerising. And if you are looking for something more realistic, a honed and leathered finish will be better than a polished piece because it bears the durability required in a kitchen while providing an impressive look in your small space.

These different finishes create an exciting matchup with other kitchen components including cabinetry, flooring, backsplash, and walls. This will also add a twist to your overall cooking, creating a good visual background for the different kitchen activities.

4. Neutral Tones Are the New Trend Since Bright Colors Are Losing Their Touch

There is currently a great preference for neutral tones in any kind of home decor, including kitchen countertops. The brightly-coloured hues of Art Deco as well mid-century styles are slowly losing grasp of kitchen countertops in favour of more neutral tones.

Rather than a jet black or bright blue countertop, you will most likely see soft grey, beige, and white tones in the modern-day kitchens. There is also more significant focus on emphasising captivating elements with neutral backgrounds. So you will probably find a greige (grey + beige) or beige countertop, with an impressive ceiling-high mosaic pattern backsplash against it.


At the moment, laid back countertops appear to be carrying the day. The modern-day kitchen in 2018 will have neutral coloured countertops with sleek integrated sinks and delicate slabs. What’s, even more, is that it seems that these trends will go beyond 2018.

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