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  Is Autumn/Winter a Good Time to Install Garden Paving?

A rising number of people across the UK are starting to consider contemporary paving as the ultimate flooring solutions for their garden, believing that spring and summer present the best times of year to install garden paving. However, this is not necessarily the case. Autumn and early winter, are great times to install garden paving, offering many advantages including but not limited to the following:

  • As garden areas are typically used a lot less during the colder months, installing your new paving now could allow for minimum inconvenience. There’s always a little mess caused and inconvenience when installing garden paving stones, however this is minimised when choosing to transform your garden in winter as you will require using your garden a lot less. Let us face it; no one has a BBQ party in December. Winter is always a lot drier than spring that means there will be less mud.
  • One of the factors to consider when installing garden paving is how it is going to affect vegetation and plant growth. If you have a lot of vegetation and delicate plants in your garden winter should be the best time for you to install garden paving. This is because during the colder months much vegetation is often already dormant.
  • Laying garden paving during winter can allow you to get the most out of is, as when the nice spring weather arrives you will be able to get straight out in your garden instead of having to wait for the transformation to take place. I tis always best to work on things when they are needed the least.
  • When laying garden paving in winter you will no doubt want to use your new garden as soon as possible, which could lead to you preparing your garden for all year round use. Many people choosing to install new garden paving stones in the colder months often choose to add features such as fire-pits and heaters, allowing them to enjoy their gardens even when it is freezing outside.
  • Choosing to have your garden paving installed during autumn or winter could allow you to hire the best landscapers at the very best prices. In spring and summer many landscapers are fully booked up and also charging more for their services. Don’t believe me? Ring your local paving installer today and we are sure that you will be blown away by the great deals and prices that they have to offer!

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