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Interior Design Inspiration; Tips for Choosing Art to Be on Display in Your Bedroom

Art is a tool. It can tell a story, help you relax, unwind, help make a living, spark memories, lift your spirit, and bring you back to life. Nature has made the best of everything – humans, the sky, the ocean, the forest, the desert. Art is life and should extend to your bedroom. If you feel your bedroom is dead and dull, trust me, art can bring it to life.

With all these beauties qualities of art, its elements are many times neglected in interior design or left for last touches and treated as a minor component of decoration when it should be the priority. Customize your room to accommodate and complement art work. Create room for it and see the difference it’d make, follow these easy steps and make the right decisions of art displaying. It’s not complex or stressful, it’s in fact, fun, easy and consolidating.

#1: Give room for art in your design

If you use the space left after every other thing has been done for art, then you wouldn’t do a great job with that space eventually. What you’re supposed to do is make preparations for artistic display while customizing your room’s decor. Don’t end with art, start and continue with it. Your precision will eventually pay off.

Make it part of your plan to choose a design for your room such that it complements the contrast of colors of art you have in mind and vice versa. Adding furniture so that space for art is creatively created in between is important.

#2: Select the style

“The style” in this context is your style. There is most likely a style that you like which you’ve already planned for in the first step. Now, the style will not contrast the furnishing because it’s not impromptu. This style is the same as your taste, your perception of art and it is entirely up to you. You might want to be extra creative and tell a story using a combination of any of typography, canvas paints, abstracts or portraits. What matters the most is that the pieces have meaning and personal values to you. It should relate to you personally, consoling and strengthening your mind, keeping you calm and making you at ease with yourself. You can check out Philadelphia interior design for a great art piece that perfectly fits your style.

#3: Get the size right

Big is right, too big is not, small is worse. Sizing may be a little tricky, just ensure the content of any art work is large enough to be conveniently appreciated from outside the room.

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