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Install the solar panels: what you need to know

If you are considering installing a photovoltaic system on your home or roof, here are some things to consider before you take the decision. Do you need the solar power system? This is always the question that arises when one thinks of photovoltaic. Installing photovoltaic panels on the roof of the house is an expense that is amortized within a few years because at an initial cost you reduce your bills for the rest of your life or almost. Most of the cost is due to the purchase of materials of which the collectors represent the highest percentage. The costs then vary according to the surface used for the installation of the panels. The more space is available then the lower will be the price.

What is the expert’s suggestion?

The energy of the sun is inexhaustible, clean, safe, and does not undergo price fluctuations. If spread like wildfire it could incredibly reduce national costs. The technology is easy to install and its costs have significantly decreased over the years. For a clean future and a long-term saving installing solar panels on the roof of your house is worthwhile but how, where, when? Ask Kenyon solar panel installers if you have any queries. Naturally this is an intervention for which it is necessary to contact an expert company which will suggest the size of the system, connect it to the electricity grid, and test it. Finally remember that it is necessary to authorize the municipal office to install a photovoltaic system but professional companies often deal with the bureaucratic part.

The most frequent architectural solutions

This installation is ideal as well as for the production of domestic hot water also for the production of water for space heating being able in some cases to be used also in combination with the traditional heating system. The most frequent architectural solutions for thermal installation are rooftop installation where the panels are fixed parallel to the roof without structural changes to the roof. Integrated installation in the roof where the panels are recessed into the roof and replace the roofing material. It is an expensive solution especially on existing buildings but it is the best from an architectural point of view.

Conclusion: important for you to know

There is the possibility of reselling the energy produced and not consumed further economic advantage. The panels are fixed and installed by means of special support structures which must be certified and are often supplied by the same manufacturers of solar panels. The support and anchoring systems of the panels must ensure maximum safety and stability even in unfavorable climatic conditions such as strong winds or large amounts of snow. Installation of solar system on terrace or garden is the simplest and most economical solution if you have the necessary space. This solution allows you to choose the best angles of inclination and orientation.

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