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Indoor and Outdoor Graffiti Removal

The main targets of graffiti victimization generally include all recreational areas, malls, motels and hotels. In addition, schools, hospitals and even offices are not safe from this vandalism. Whether it is the inside of a building or the outside, graffiti art always seems to find its way onto the walls, chairs, tables, sign boards, placards, doors, door frames and even on ceramics.

While removing graffiti, you can come across different challenges for indoor items. Likewise, the outdoor places can create other problems for you.

Let’s have a look at some of these challenges and how you can tackle them effectively.

Indoor Graffiti Removal

Indoor graffiti is spread out on tables, chairs, restroom doors and restroom walls. Commonly, indoor graffiti is made with pencils, ball-points and in some cases knife blades.

For pencils and ball-point ink, any type of cleaning agent can easily do the job for you. You will face trouble while removing the graffiti that has been scratched into the walls but ink is easier to remove. You would not even need to rub the surface too much to clean the pencil and ink.

Just dab the spot with a piece of cloth which is soaked in the cleaning agent a few times. It should do the trick.

If you have to treat vertical surfaces, use foaming cleaners.

For surfaces that have been scratched, you have to analyze the scratches first. For instance, if the scratches have only disturbed the outer layer of the paint, you can use common paint softeners to take care of this.

If the scratches are deep and some of the paint has been peeled off then the wiser option is to repaint the area.

Outdoor Graffiti Removal

In case of outdoor areas, graffiti removal becomes a tad more difficult than it is for the indoor surfaces. That is mostly due to the fact that things outside have so many different kinds of surfaces and each surface requires its own graffiti-removal-protocol!

For example, if you’re treating graffiti on glass surfaces you will need gel based graffiti removal products so the glass itself is not affected by the removal process. The most dreadful part of cleaning a glass surface is the fact that some stains just stick to it. Make sure that does not happen with you.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with chalk graffiti over brick walls, you will need a high pressure washer for removing it.

For metal surfaces, you can also use natural products like baking soda and citrus juices to remove graffiti off of it. Metal surfaces do not absorb the paint which makes the removal much easier through natural elements.

Whenever, you set to work on any graffiti removal project, make sure that you have the necessary tools and techniques for the removal. It will help you do your job without any errors. This way you will save time and effort both!

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