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If You Are Sandblasting, You Need Special Gloves

Blast cabinet gloves are essential accessories for people who plan to use sandblast equipment. They help protect the arms and ensure that you have a firm grip on the parts you are working on.

Eliminate Slips

When you are working in a sandblasting shop or are in the middle of a home sandblasting project, you need these gloves to help prevent objects from slipping from your grip. Not only do they may the job much easier to accomplish, but they are also an excellent safety tool that no one should be without if they plan on using sandblast equipment. If you are working on smaller parts or doing work that requires precision, then you should consider looking for gloves that have a special raised surface to help keep objects in place while they are in your hands.

Control Sweating

When you are working on sandblasting projects, the last thing you want getting in your way is sweat. These gloves are great for keeping sweat out of your way while you work. Without the gloves, you experience a greater risk for slips and obstacles directly related to sweat. Buying a quality pair of gloves will make your job easier and much safer. Some gloves are even lined to help absorb the excess sweat that may accumulate inside of the blast cabinet gloves.

Protect Your Arms From Injury

The main reason people wear blast cabinet gloves is to protect their hands and arms from the sandblasting procedure. Without the gloves, you stand the risk of abrasions and other serious injuries as a result of using sandblasting equipment. These gloves are made to go further up the arm than other standard multi-purpose gloves found on the market. You are not going to get the same utility and protection using other types of gloves, so don’t settle for gloves meant for other projects. Protect your hands and arms by using high-quality blast gloves that are designed to give you a good grip and prevent sweat from finding its way into your work area, and most importantly, prevent injuries.

If you are planning on working on a sandblasting project, or you work in a field where you need to use sandblasting for projects, you need to purchase high-quality specialized blast cabinet gloves. There are a variety of textures, colors, and styles on the market to fit your individual needs. If you plan on working in a heated area that causes you to sweat, you should consider the lined style. Work that requires handling small or delicate items may require a special textured grip to help prevent slips.

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