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Painting is symbolized by the fact that they add solace to the soul. Whenever a person wants to break free from the monotony of life, a glimpse at a painting is all that it takes to get the emotions back on the right track. The most depressive moments are compensated with a small session of art appreciation. To cope up with stress, people are actually advised to visit museums and art galleries to tranquilize and revive their peace of mind. These paintings on being put up in homes do the same work of eradicating stress and boredom among all the members residing in the house. The choice of places for paintings is also based on the very same fact. One needs to put them up where people arrive with the most depressed state of their minds.

The most ideal of such places is the dinner table. Boiled up with a hectic day at workplace, bored with a mundane school routine, tired of the same household chores, lost in life and no body to talk to in home, angry with a colleague at work and plenty of such worries find their ways into the dinner table. Family dinners are always done in silence. It is a common sight when children are reprimanded at dinner tables. Eventually the family dinner session ends with one or more people leaving the table in anger, or disgust. In order to lighten up the mood, a good suggestion is to use art as a hobby or leisure. It has been seen that art, paintings, sketches help in coping up with depression and boredom experienced from long hours of routine life.

Backyards and gardens are also a preferred place for putting paintings up for display. If the weather conditions are suitable and do not pose any problems, paintings can be stuck on boards and they can be kept outside. A breeze of fresh air, just like it rejuvenates us also helps in rejuvenating the paintings by infusing a new breath of life into them. Once in a while, when we sit down at the verandah or at the garden during leisure times, the sight of these paintings is soothing to the soul. Of course if it rains, then it destroys the point of putting up the paintings. But still, occasionally letting the paintings have a fresh breeze outside makes them feel new again.

It is indeed rare to find a house that does not have children. Study tables are common in such homes and they are generally crammed up with books, dictionaries, notebooks and other relevant material. Rarely are they kept tidy and this is one of the reasons of getting a scolding from our mother. While sifting through them, how lucky do we get when we stumble across a childhood picture of ourselves? Childhood photos are normally used as bookmarks and finding them in the most unexpected times has a great effect on us. Or think about a laminated painting of something we drew during our childhood in any art competition. These pieces of art add colour to the black and white study tables. Small sized paintings kept on tables are a great way to make the places beautiful.

Often when visitors show up at the house, they are made to sit around the garden for tea. At such places, the addition of paintings would provide a great deal of glamour. Once again, paintings kept on poolside, gardens and backyards are a common practice. More the people come by the house to pay visits, more do people have a glimpse at these paintings. It is a much preferable choice than throwing them or discarding them into the basement whey would rot away. There are plenty of places around the house where paintings can be kept, and certainly there should not be any reason for discarding paintings; no matter how old or worn out they are.

Paintings have become more and more different as the subject of paintings can be varied based on the demands of the person in need of it. Unlike the old days when paintings were readymade and had to be purchased, custom paintings have become a trend. It is a form of art where the subject of the painting, the panting styles and the frame size of the painting can be varied. It is convenient and again unlike the old days, the time or duration is not long and it takes hardly a few weeks to make such paintings.

Custom paintings are an upcoming craze and there are lots of portals for such services. Portrait Flip is a custom painting service similar to them who engage into making custom paintings based on the photographs sent to them at their relevant contacts. The photograph submission is followed by a selection of the painting style and the frame size of the custom paintings, which are based on the place where the paintings would be located. The customer needs are taken care of; and the necessary requirements are noted down and incorporated into the paintings. As soon as the painting is over, it is sent to the residence of the person in need of it in exchange for a meagre fee. The service is extremely convenient and flexible without any compromise on customer satisfactions! Now or then, having paintings around the house is a great practice.

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