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How Will The Best Modern Toilets Look Like?


A lot of thought goes into every home renovation project. But the more ornate parts of the home like the kitchen counter and the back splash get most of the attention. One of the most important utility features of the home, the toilet, is often put on the back burner.

You are not alone. A lot of people don’t think that buying the toilet deserves a second thought from a functional or an aesthetic point of view. How different can a toilet be? The fact is that it does.

Buying a toilet is not merely about adding an essential to a home. It is about selecting a very specialized receptacle that can be aesthetically pleasing, blend into the rest of your bathroom décor, save water, come in a variety of shapes, be comfortable and also incorporate some fancy tech these days.

After much deliberation, if you have managed to narrow down on one of the above mentioned three types of toilets for your home, then your conundrum has not ended yet. One more very important decision remains. Do you wish to choose a conventional styled toilet or one with a more contemporary appearance?

Let us simplify it for you.

The Round bowl: Think of it like the classic toilet that you see in an old apartment with the curvy appearance and round bowl. These are noticeably more compact and are perfect for bathrooms where square footage is a luxury. The other place where these will fit just perfectly is a kiddie bathroom. Due to their petite form factor, they are ideal for use by kids. The obvious advantage of round bowl toilets is that they are cheaper. The approximate length is 16 ½ inches and the width at the top is around 5 ½ inches.

The Elongated bowl: If you have a contemporary styled themed bathroom, then the elongated bowl with its straight edges and boxy design will be a perfect fit. These have risen in popularity over the past few years due to their slight advantage in length. An elongated bowl is typically 18 ½ inches long. This extra length makes them a good fit for large and spacious bathrooms where they cannot block furniture. It is also more suited for adults since it gives them an extra couple of inches to sit away from the flushing cistern. For the best modern toilet, a wall mounted elongated one will be a great choice.

Thankfully, that sums up what you need to know about the various styles and the look of the toilet. Now it’s time to venture into more serious turf, the functionality.

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