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How to Use Natural Stone to Increase the Luxury Quotient

Natural stone can be added to any design to make it unique regardless of whether you have a small budget or have enough money to revamp the whole place. You can start by installing large slabs of natural stone in any space. Also, you can opt to use it as a unique detail of your decoration where it will not go unnoticed.

Does Natural Stone Qualify As A Luxury Material?

If you’re looking to improve the look of your home by adding more natural stone, there are many applications to consider. For instance, you can look beyond the traditional bathroom and kitchen applications from ZenKuchen and add it elsewhere in your home. There are some notable interior designers who find slate roofs a great addition to any property, both residential and commercial, so you can take advantage of that too. Other luxurious applications for natural stone include using limestone for sills or headers. Also, you can use granite for the exterior sills of your doors and create a very beautiful masterpiece.

Elevating The Uniqueness Of Natural Stone Using Different Applications

Most homeowners don’t have the time or the money to change their property exterior as often as they change the interior. That’s why there are so many applications you can use for natural stone in your home rather than out. For instance, it has been used widely to create marble countertops but now, washrooms with marble tile walls look very luxurious.

If your bathroom has strategically placed skylights, you can settle for marble baseboards and floors for a very unique look. You can also choose a different type of marble to offset the floors or baseboards with a unique vanity top. A good example of using natural stone in unique applications in your home involves using slabs and field tiles with a contemporary stone mosaic.

If you’re a homeowner, you can create more intrigue by ordering a custom mosaic from the experts to match whatever palette you currently have. For instance, you can choose natural stone to create intriguing detail and majestically coordinate it with the best type of slabs. You can create a unique masterpiece in your bathroom or kitchen, wherever the combination is applied.

There is much more to consider besides where you place natural stone. You can boost the luxury quotient of the material by the chosen installation method. For the best results, you need to pay attention to the details by creating seamless applications. For instance, you can choose to install natural stone in an entire room but pay more attention to where the veins are to make sure they are aligned perfectly.

The Biggest Applications For Natural Stone

You need to think beyond the old and traditional applications of natural stone if you want the best results. For instance, in your walls or hallways, you can opt for quad matched stone. Even better, you can go for marble on an entire wall in your house. You can use it for a backdrop for the fireplace and TV area. It might be tough to notice from a distance but after looking closely you will notice the quad matching with the veins aligned perfectly to create a good dramatic impact.

You should buy large slabs of stone and create a seamless transition between the slabs. Create a design to show of the natural beauty of the stone and use it to create an integrated sink or even a stone backsplash. New technology has made it easier to cut stone so you can cut clean and small intricate pieces of natural stone to allow a seamless transition from your vents, switch plates or drains.

Also, you can opt for full slab walls that show the overall beauty of natural stone. Create some visual interest with heavily veined and book-matched slabs. You can also use heavily veined stone tiles to make a strong beauty statement and showcase the natural sophistication. You can create some calm and tranquillity by adding natural stone to your home’s interior. Don’t forget about improving the luxury quotient of your home by blending e indoors with natural materials, such as stone for the best results.

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