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  How to Use Moving Pods When Remodeling

How to use moving pods when remodeling?

PODS (Portable on Demand Storage) are a type of a storage container where you can store all your belongings (no matter why). This type of storage is more and more popular nowadays because items are not inside of a house, but they are still there, in your yard. How to exactly use moving pods when remodeling and what are the benefits if using it? It is really simple and easy.

  • You can renovate home and not worry about getting furniture damage
  • All of your household items will be in your backyard, so if you need something from there, you can get it easily
  • Items are safe, and no matter what the weather is, they will not be ruined by rain, sun or snow
  • It is an affordable solution, to use moving pods when remodeling is not too expensive
  • When renting a self-storage unit, sometimes you won’t have easy access 24/7, which is not the case with pods

Ask friends to help you with packing your pods and to remodel a house. It will be faster and not boring when you have helpers

What to know before you use moving pods when remodeling

First of all, renting a PODS is simple, and anyone can do that. You should choose do you want pods in your backyard or at the storage center? Most people choose the first option when remodeling a house. If you have too many items, you can easily rent more than one pods. The company will deliver it in front of your home, and you can start packing. That’s how simple it is.

All stored items will be protected and safe. For example, if you are replacing old windows and doors, your house is a theft target. But pods can be locked, and you don’t have to worry.

It is easier to remodeling a house when it is empty. You can’t do anything with the furniture inside

The costs of using moving pods

Money is one of the major concerns when remodeling a house. You want to spend more money on remodeling and less on renting portable storage. That is another reason why you should rent it because pods are an affordable storage solution. So, consider affordable pods as a storing option and you can start with remodeling.

The price will depend on different factors

  1. Size of PODS
  2. Duration of rental
  3. If you are moving – then it will depend on the number of miles you have to your new home too
  4. When you are renting it for storage, the price will depend on where the pods will be (in your yard or in the storage location).

You are not moving in this case, so step number 3 is not your concern. The average price for one month (12 ft pods) is about $110, which is not that high price.

Sizes of moving pods

Depending on how many items you have to store, you will need the right size pods. Usually, they come in 3 main sizes, so you can choose between:

  • 7 ft long – for small studio apartments or if you are not remodeling the entire house at the same time.
  • 12 ft long – enough for 2- or 3-bedroom houses or office remodeling
  • 16 ft long pods – 3- or 4-bedroom houses

More items you have, the bigger pods you will need.

HOw to store your items when remodeling?

To use moving pods when remodeling, you should pack it properly. There are simple packing tips that will help you use the maximum space.

Pack all your items in some order and don’t forget to label them for easier unpacking after

  • Don’t store valuable items such as jewelry, important documents or money inside of a PODS
  • Remodeling is usually a messy process, so take the inventory of your store items, in order to be more organized
  • Before you pack items, clean them from dust
  • You can use plastic bins for packing too, not only moving boxes
  • Label each bag, bin or box
  • Disassemble large pieces of furniture first and them store them
  • Put large and heavy items first (on the bottom)
  • Wrap fragile items in air bubble foil
  • Lay mattresses flat and cover with moving blankets.

Find a reliable company to rent pods from

When making floor plans and remodeling plans, a lot of people forget to think about furniture. It is one of the biggest mistakes. As soon as you decide to renovate a house, call a company and reserve your pods. Get recommendations from friends or from home construction workers. Also, do online research on www.zippyshellcolumbus.com and you will get the best pods and other storage solutions when remodeling.

After remodeling or moving, just unload your items and unpack them. It is time to decorate your new and fresh home

What if remodeling a backyard?

Moving pods can be used also if you are remodeling your yard. If it is outdoor home improvement, just place your pods somewhere where it won’t disturb the workers. Somewhere on the corner of a yard and all your outdoor furniture and garden tool and equipment can fit in. It doesn’t matter re you remodeling inside or outside, pods will work for both situations.

Using pods when moving

Pods can be used not only when remodeling a home, but also when moving it. Load all the items you want to move inside of a portable on demand storage, and the company will come to pic it up and drive it to your new home. Yes, you can use moving pods when remodeling but it is not the only advantage. Pick a size and move safely. One of the advantages is that you will have a clean and organized house when packing. Also, you don’t have to pack everything at once. Many people rent pods when moving long-distance.


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