hen undertaking a renovation, we have to plan and organize many things. Drawing up a schedule and time distribution of individual stages of the renovation, purchase of appropriate materials is the basis to perform the work on time. However, to say so, that everything is fastened to the last button we must not forget about our own safety. In today’s entry we will discuss the topic of safety and health at work in general works in renovation and construction.

During construction works we use various types of tools and chemicals, which carries the risk of less or greater damage to health. Workwear and protective clothing, which must be supplied, allows you to minimize such risks. Of course, it is worth paying attention to quality, so that it protects you as well as possible, and so selected, you will find it in shops like agent25.de The guarantee of durability is provided by work clothes properly designed in accordance with the imposed standards and made of made of solid materials.

Dangers – what is protected against by workwear and protective clothing

All renovation and construction work is the risk of abrasions, scratches or major injuries to the body, head, face, hands and feet. Clothing in sensitive areas, such as elbows or knees, is additionally reinforced and thus resistant to abrasion. Workwear and protective clothing protects against:

  • soiling with chemicals, both those harmless to health, which can be removed from clothing, as well as those most harmful, e.g. acids,
  • surface mechanical damage,
  • provides protection against atmospheric factors – heat, cold and moisture,
  • burns – it should be flame retardant.

Accessories that increase safety during construction work

Complementary protective clothing that makes the body even safer. There are shoes, gloves or jackets.  Hands are one of the most vulnerable areas for injuries. Therefore, it is very important to provide protection in the form of properly selected working gloves. If you are considering choosing one of them, it is worth checking out the many models and choose the ones that suit our needs (intensity of work in particular). There are many manufacturers of work gloves, but from experience we can recommend an assortment of gloves, which you will find here: https://www.agent25.de/arbeitshandschuhe.html.  Also protective shoes are a very important part of working clothes, and their special construction effectively protects against the above mentioned factors, as well as against electric shock. They may have additional protective elements protecting the metatarsal and ankles and e.g. anti-puncture inserts. Protective gloves are also necessary during construction works, which are selected according to the type of work performed and should be resistant to abrasion, tears, punctures, chemical agents and protect against the effects of overvoltage.

Comfort in workwear and protective clothing

Workwear and protective clothing must be comfortable. It must not impede movement during sometimes quite physically demanding work and activities. It is very important that this type of clothing “breathes” and maintains optimal body temperature – when properly ventilated, it is easier to withstand the extreme physical exertion associated with construction work.

Health is priceless, so be sure to buy workwear and protective clothing before carrying out repairs and other construction work. Well-chosen workwear will ensure that all work goes smoothly, quickly and safely.

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