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How To Rid Your Home Of Pests


The use of fans and even air conditioning can drive away mosquitoes, which do not like to stay in places with low temperatures. Another factor that can attract mosquitoes is standing water – the trick, therefore, is to put sand in the vase to absorb the liquid and prevent the mosquito from landing.

If the problem still persists, infectious disease the solution is repellent – but experts warn that before applying it on the entire body, a test should be done on a small area of the skin to see if there is no allergic reaction. For those who are allergic to mosquito bites, especially children, the tip is to opt for an antiallergic version.

It may also happen that the person scratches the area that has been bitten, which risks infection due to bacteria hidden under the nails. Therefore, it is good to avoid scratching the skin and always use alcohol gel on the hands.


Cockroaches, mosquitoes, scorpions and the like can bring various health problems. Urban pests, such as cockroaches are not only disgusting. Several health problems are related to these pests.

From cockroaches and mosquitoes to rats and ants, these pests have everything they need to live and multiply in the big cities. Their presence at home can pose a serious threat to the family. The time has come to get to know urban pests in detail to prevent or end unwanted visits thanks to pest control.


Do not believe that they would be the only survivors of an atomic bomb. But the fact that they are not so resistant to such radiation does not mean that these insects have little versatility – quite the opposite. They live anywhere and spend weeks without eating or drinking anything.

In addition to causing disgust when they appear in the home environment, cockroaches carry a lot of bacteria, viruses and fungi. The fragments of a cockroach’s body (paws, wings) are triggers of allergic reactions and asthma attacks in more sensitive people.

How to avoid: The watchword is hygiene. Do not leave food on display and do regular cleaning, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. And always keep the drains closed.

How to Eliminate: If you see one or the other, the aerosol insecticides for pest control will do the trick. When there are many, it is best to hire a specialized extermination service, like R&D Pest Services.

Stay alert

Periplaneta americana: Cascuda and flying, is the best known species. It shows up in the summer. Blatella Germanica: Smaller, is a torment in markets, bakeries and factories.

Flies lay eggs in feces or decaying material. The larvae thrive in these places until they grow up to wander around, between portions of food and exposed poop. You can imagine that their paws are not very clean there.

How to Avoid: Meat, fruits, vegetables, and other fresh foods need to be refrigerated or kept in containers. Thus, flies will not land on them, which reduces the risk of intestinal chabus and even worms.

How to eliminate: Insecticides help a little, but do not solve the issue definitively. It remains to charge the authorities for policies for cleaning and caring for public areas, as well as carrying out sanitation and sewage treatment works.

No living thing has adapted better to the urban environment than the mosquito. The urban environment brings everything mosquitoes want: still water, warmth and plenty of available blood.

As if skin pricks weren’t enough, some species transmit viruses that cause dengue, zika, chikungunya, and yellow fever – just to name four examples of diseases that have plagued humans for a few decades. This necessitates the use of effective pest control measures.

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