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How to Pick a Decent Storage Company

When the moving time comes, it takes a lot of time to organize it. First of all, you need a good plan how to pack all of your stuff and how to relocate them to your new home. Still, you might have a problem if you have too many items and you cannot throw them away. In that case, you need a storage company. In this article, we are going to show you how to pick a decent storage company when you are moving.

Decide what kind of storage you need

This is a very important thing. Take a look at your belongings that you are planning to put in the storage. If you have a lot of them, you are certainly going to need a bigger storage unit. Actually, when we talk about the storage company, one of the important things is the size of the storage. When you know the size, you can easily organize your moving and you will know if you are going to hire that storage company or not. When we talk about moving your items to a storage, do not pick up storages which are too small, just to save the money. Have on mind that later, when you need to get your stuff out of that storage, you will have a lot of problems to locate them. When you think about how to pick a storage company keep in mind these things.

                                                                                Find a storage company


How to pick a decent storage company- Ask around

You must be informed about storage companies if you are coming to a new town or to a new state. Or you can ask your family or your friends about it if they live in that place.  They are going to help you how to choose a storage company. If you do not have someone familiar, do some research and check the reviews. When you do that, compare the prices and decide what is the best for you. Like we said, do not pick the small storages, just to save up money. Later, it can give you a lot of headaches when you need to relocate your items.

When you decide what kind of storage you need, talk to the property manager if you can see the storage first. Keep in mind that you have seen it only on the internet, but not with your eyes. Then you should ask if there are any discounts or special offers. In some cases, they will offer you a free first month of a use of storage, or a symbolic price for a rent of one dollar. Last but not least, ask what will happen if you are late or you miss your payment. In this way, you will secure yourself and you will know how to organize your paying.

Is the location important?

Of course, it’s much more convenient if the storage is near your house. But, do not get stuck with the location. Most of the people make that mistake. Perhaps, you might not be using the storage that often like you thought you would. After all, you can always use your car or walk a little bit extra to your storage if it is farther. Finding a good location, however, can mean a lot to you. It also depends, what kind of stuff you have in your storage and how often you need them.

But like we said, in case of a larger number of belongings you want to put away, a comfortable storage is what you need. It is better for you to have a bigger storage which is located out of a town than to have a storage unit in the city center which you can’t afford or which is not big enough.

Pick the right Location of the storage


Secure your items

How to pick a decent storage company is not the only thing you should do. You must make sure to secure your items, before relocating them to the storage. You can either put them in some boxes, bubble wraps or in some plastic bags. To be sure what box contains what, mark the boxes or other packing material you are using. Label them all. In this way, you will know what content is inside the specific box, etc.On the other hand; you are helping a storage company while they are relocating your stuff and putting them inside the storage. A good organization and good communication with the storage company you chose is the key to safe transportation.

There are a lot of different storage companies and it’s up to you to choose the one which meets the most of your requirements. Surely, they will provide you with the storage space, but the quality of that storage unit and other services that are included is what makes a difference. For example, if you are moving to Pennsylvania, Movin’ Murdy is proven to be a great option for relocating your items to the storage. With a lot of years of experience behind them and thousands of satisfied clients, this is a safe choice. Like we said, just have a good organization and a good communication with the company and you’ll avoid any issue.

   Packing a box


Having your own storage is the safest solution

Like we mentioned, moving time can be hard, but with a good organization, you do not need to worry. If you do not have enough space in your house, finding a decent storage company is the best solution. In order to pick a decent storage company, you will need to take some time, but still, when you find it we’re sure you’ll be at peace. When you have your own storage, you do not need to think if your items will get damaged or not, is there enough space for them or so. It is less important whether your storage is far from your house, or near it. What really matters is that it is yours. And when it is yours, you know how to organize the items inside that storage.

So, to sum it up. First, you should find a good storage company. It is certainly going to help you not just to find a storage, but also with your moving. Therefore, make sure to choose carefully in order to hire a decent storage company!

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