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How to Get Your HVAC Ready for Spring  

Your HVAC system needs to be tended to and maintained to help it work efficiently. Maintenance helps to minimize unexpected Tampa HVAC repair. Here are a few of the things you will want to do to help get your HVAC system ready for spring.

Test Out Your Air Conditioner In Early Spring

Before warm temperatures start to hit, take the time to turn on your air conditioner. Most people do not think to run their air conditioner any earlier than they need to. However, problems can arise with this part of your HVAC unit during the cold winter months and if you do not run your air conditioner, you may not realize it until temperatures increase. Unfortunately, other people are also realizing they have issues with their unit, and it can take a few days until a Tampa HVAC repair can fix your problem. Testing out the unit early gives you time to make the repairs you need before it warms up.

Schedule a Spring Cleaning

Your HVAC unit should be cleaned by a professional in the spring. This helps to remove dirt, dust and residue from inside of the unit. During this appointment, your HVAC is also inspected, parts are oiled and lubricated and the coils are properly cleaned. This helps your unit to work efficiently, helping to keep your cooling costs in check.

Replace the Air Filters

Another thing that needs to happen in the spring is replacing your air filters. Your air filters should be replaced to help improve the efficiency of the HVAC unit and keep air as clean as possible in your home. Most people can replace the filters on their own. However, if you do not feel comfortable doing so, a Tampa HVAC repair company can assist you.

Trim Back Overgrown Landscaping

The last way that you can prepare your HVAC unit for spring is trimming back any overgrown landscaping. While most trees, bushes and shrubs do not grow very quickly in the winter months, they still do grow some. Bushes, shrubs and trees that are overgrown near your HVAC unit can impede the flow of air into your unit or cause more pollen and debris to clog up the filter. Trimming back this growth helps air to flow correctly.

While it may still be cold and chilly outside, now is the perfect time to think about scheduling an appointment to get your air conditioner ready for the warmer weather. This helps to ensure your air conditioner is ready to cool your home as soon as the temperatures rise. If you are in need of a Tampa HVAC repair company, Air Rescue Air Conditioning is here to assist you! Call us today to schedule a service appointment today.



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