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How to Design Your Breakfast Nook Like a Cozy Café

What other great way to start your day than to enjoy your first meal and cup of coffee in a comfy breakfast spot right at home?

By creating a breakfast nook, you can enjoy your cereals, fresh fruit, ham and eggs comfortably seated and totally relaxed café-style as opposed to having it in your formal dining area. After all, reading your newspaper while sipping coffee in your bathrobe in a casual, comfortable space has always been your thing.

If you’ve only been thinking of getting one, now’s the time to actually make your vision a reality. Here’s how you can design your breakfast nook so you can relish breakfast in a cozy atmosphere similar to that of a café:

1. Find a perfect spot

Now is the time to walk around your house and evaluate your unused spaces and corners. Search for a spot that you’ll love to spend time in – either it’s somewhere quiet or near a large window. A breakfast nook should be where you can sit back and lounge while you enjoy your cup of joe.

Once you’ve identified exactly where to place your nook, you have to decide on whether you want it as a separate, private space, or to blend in with your home. If you want your breakfast nook to “part” of the rest of your home, then you have to maintain a similar style and color scheme. But if you want a little privacy for yourself, you may want to incorporate the following touches:

  • Add African-inspired netting around your bean bag chairs.
  • Use a chic sheer drape with back ties to make it easy to open up when you need space.

2. Choose appropriate tables and seating

Once you find the right spot, the next thing you have to do when creating a breakfast nook is to choose a comfortable type of seating.

Since a nook is typically a corner where two walls meet, an L-shaped banquette is an ideal choice. If a banquette doesn’t work well for your space, consult with an interior design service on what type of seating would best suit your little corner.

Depending on your preferences, you may go for bold seating or ones in colorful hues. You may also opt for muted earth tones for your banquette which you can easily jazz up with multicolor throw pillows.

In selecting a table, make sure it fits your family size and seat type since there may be mornings when family time is ideal (think lazy Sundays, or bed weather days). A pedestal table may be a good option if you want sufficient legroom.

Choose your breakfast nook furnishings according to a few important criteria. For instance, they need to be comfortable, durable, and provide enough space to rest your delicious breakfast items and condiments on, as well as your coffee set. More importantly, it should provide you sufficient space to unwind, alone or with family and friends.

3. Don’t forget lighting

To make reading your favorite books, magazines and the morning paper a pleasure, try to lay out your breakfast nook near a big window or install a fanlight above to take advantage of natural light.

However, this won’t work during the winter months, so you may also want to consider having recessed task lighting installed in the ceiling.

A hanging pendant lamp is also a great idea for lighting up your breakfast nook for you to enjoy it any time of the day. To save on energy consumption, you can also make use of different types of LED lighting for enhanced and efficient illumination.

To add a touch of whimsy, you may want to add some string lights to complement your colorful seating.

4. Finish with décor

Add warmth and personality to your breakfast nook with items that reflect your taste and character. If you love to decorate, this will be the most fun part for you.

You can add a vase to hold your favorite fresh flowers, or install a mini garden of pots with your favorite indoor greenery. If you’re a typical bookworm, include bookends to hold a few of your favorite titles.

The overall size of your nook space will dictate how simple or extravagant your décor can be. It’s best not to go too cluttered and wild in decorating small spaces as it will look too busy and suffocated. Also, remember that a breakfast nook should be a relaxing space, and geometric designs or wild prints may be a less calming.

Have your own little café corner

A breakfast nook isn’t a privilege one can only enjoy with a big unused space. Don’t give up your idea of having a cozy seating spot for breakfast. In any case, you can always have custom-made furniture to fit your space.

Now that you know how to go about starting your breakfast nook project, work with an interior designer to figure out what furnishings and décor will best suit your space, while at the same time reflecting your taste and personality.

Once you’re done with your breakfast nook project, you no longer have to visit a café to sit in a comfortable sofa, warm coffee in hand. You can enjoy breakfast (and other meals as well!) in your comfy little corner any day of the week.



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