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How to choose the best waffle plate: which machine to buy?

 Who loves cooking, knows that sooner or later you will fill the home appliances that can satisfy all possible culinary varieties international cuisine. Among these you cannot miss the best plate for waffles. Thanks to which you can prepare fantastic and delicious treats (or even savory snacks) practical and quick to make. But, what waffle maker to buy, this could be the question that keep roaming in your mind. Well, you will get the answer here.

What are waffles?

Traditionally the original recipe for waffles is attributed to Belgium and more precisely to Brussels. In fact already the ancient Greeks prepared these soft honeycomb pods. In fact, they are so widespread in Belgium that there are two distinct varieties, the Brussels and the Liege. The difference is also in the type of waffle plate used. The Brussels reflect the original recipe and are rectangular, rather thick and therefore able to keep a soft heart below their crisp surface. The Liege, which tends to be round in shape, is instead thinner and crisper.

Which machine to buy?

Fortunately today, modern technology offers you a totally electric and thermally insulated waffle machine. It will allow you to cook this particular dessert. This appliance is born from the evolution of the double direct fire plate, to facilitate the operations of those who traded in these sweets. Even today, it is easy to meet kiosks and ice-cream parlors that offer this specialty. From there, the pace was short and the small appliance industry began to produce waffle maker, the waffle machine for domestic use.

Once you have determined the exact type of waffles that you want to enjoy in the comfort of your home, you have to remember that the best plates for waffles have the cooking plates made of cast iron or nonstick material. Cast iron has the great advantage of heating uniformly, allowing a perfect preparation of the waffle without running the risk of having more scorched parts and half-naked parts. The cooking plates in non-stick materials are equally valid as long as the coils are well distributed under their whole surface. In the waffle machines the uniformity of the heat is fundamental for a successful recipe.

Conclusion: Which plate to choose for their preparation?

Without careful analysis of the specific characteristics it is quite difficult to say that which the best waffle plate currently on the market is. This is because it also depends a bit on personal taste. In fact, the rectangular shaped plates are able to produce waffles exactly as per the original recipe. These will be quite thick, crunchy outside and soft inside, just like Brussels waffles. If instead you prefer more crispy wafers, it is better to opt for those with a round or heart shape. Normally these fanciful plates produce thinner and crispy waffles, just like Liege waffles. It matters little whether the waffle is round or square, what really matters is that the plate works well and that it produces the type of wafer you prefer in a safe and functional way.

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