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How Professionals Perform Metal Re-roofing And Create Visual Home Statement?

Overtime, iron roofs can exhibit deterioration signs, which are visible because the damage is extensive and beyond repair. Re-roofing is the solo solution, which definitely needs experienced roof restoration & replacement services.

Signs to contact re-roofing services

  • Streaks or patches of rust are visible around nails or the overlap sheets.
  • Loose nails are strong indicators of deteriorating.
  • Moisture can penetrate through loose nail-hole and possibly damage supporting timber.
  • Patches of discoloration or mould or moisture can be seen from inside the house, which indicate severe damages to the iron roof.

Re-roofing is a major renovation project. Contact the roof repair services for initial survey. The inspector will look at signs for rust, damage, tear and wear. Advice will be given if the metal roof can regain its original glory or get a new one.

Professional way of re-roofing

Remove old roof

After removing the old damaged roof, the professionals check timber work for damage. It was concealed underneath, during initial inspection.

Repair timberwork damage, if any

Timberworks support the entire metal roof weight, so they need to be sound. Due to years of supporting the roof, timber can break or sag. The repair experts replace or brace broken or cracked timber work. The timberwork is fortified to handle the new roof weight for years.

New roof installation

Before new roof installation –

  • Purlins are spaced as per recommended industry standards or manufacturers specifications. It ensures that the new roof will get appropriate support and not get damaged.
  • Prevailing wind directions are also checked to determine sheet lapping or else winds can blow the roof sheets away. This even reduces water penetration risk in high windy conditions.

Full strength sheets are chosen, so as to remove rust causing joins. Each sheet gets fixed with neoprene seal hi-tech screws. This ensures that the roof will remain permanently water-tight and secure.

Metal roof finishing

Professionals offer a roof finish that just not look fantastic, but delivers water-tight performance in severe rainy and windy conditions. The techniques professional apply include –

  • Impressive scribed ridge capping
  • Perfect scribed and customised flashing for robust water-proofing.
  • Weathering sheets prevent water backflow because edges are reshaped.

Professional re-roofing company make sure that the renovation does not hamper your daily activities.

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