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How much does a lock service in Austin charge for their services?

Lock services in Austin vary their prices according to various factors such as the type of job, the location and the complexity. Most lock services in Austin are self-employed and they are similar to doctor’s in that they are available at any time of the day or the night, and they make house calls. There is no way of guaranteeing you the exact price a lock services in Austin would charge but you can enquire about their rates if you do happen to call for one. The following is a rough estimate of the charges you can expect, in the event that you do need the services of a lock service:

  • Key Cutting

These can range from $2 to over $175, depending on the type of key. For standard keys, the price would usually range from $2 to around $5, while more specialized keys range around $10 to $40. More complex keys such as car keys or keys with a transponder or an electronic chip, may range between $50 to approximately $175. If it is costing you more than this, I suggest you shop around for a second quote.

  • House Calls

They are mostly available 24/7 but it goes with a cost. Most house call prices vary depending on after-hours, weekends or public holidays. These charges are usually called a mobile fee, so be prepared for additional charges if you would need a new lock or they would have to rekey the existing lock. Regular hours fees range from $30 to approximately $150, while after-hours, weekends or public holidays may incur a higher range, approximately $150 to $250. You can verify their cost when making the call.

  • Re-Keying

This is the process by which the locksmith would change the combination of your existing lock without you having to replace the entire lock. Usually this can be cheaper than purchasing a new lock and you get new sets of keys. These can range from $40 to $150, depending on the complexity of the lock. Rekeying is usually done for building doors as well as vehicles.

  • Installation

Lock services in Austin may charge their minimum fee as well as an installation fee. Hopefully you would have the new lock in hand, but if not, your locksmith would charge you for the cost of the part. Some locksmiths may have the new lock cheaper than the retailers, at the similar price or maybe at a more expensive price. Hopefully you would have a fair idea yourself, of the cost so that you would not be scammed into paying more. Installation of new locks can range from $60 to $200. If there are more than one installation, you can always bargain for a discount.

These are a few of the standard prices to give you a fair idea but they are not set in stone. Established firms would have a list of standard prices and they would be safer than going with a privately registered person whom you have no data on. Locks are important to your safety so be cautious when hiring lock services in Austin.

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