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How Landscaping Can Increase Your Home’s Value

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Increasing your home’s value can be a good way of participating in the booming real estate business. Yes, properties are selling like pancakes today. But these are properties which offer quality features to target customers. People don’t just buy a home simply because it is cheap. They buy it because it gives them a semblance of a home, especially if they have a family.

One way of boosting your home’s value is through landscaping. A lot of homeowners miss this, thinking that it’s not worth it. However, beautifully-designed landscapes could, in fact, be your cutting edge to closing deals with a client or an agency such as the houston home loans.

Anyways, here are some of the common benefits of landscaping your home.

Economic Benefits

Did you know? Based on research done by the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association, landscaping can boost your home’s value by a whopping 14%. The said increase can happen in just six weeks. Now, if you apply patio landscaping, the value of your home can surge by up to 12.4%. On the other hand, a landscaped curb or kerb can drive your home’s value by 4.4% while adding hedges can push it to 3.6%.

Now, do you have to spend as much to design a landscape creatively? Not necessarily. You can channel a minimal amount yet create a quality landscape. Experts cite that the resale value can reach 15%, giving a potential return of more than 150%. Properly selected plants can also help lower heating and cooling expenses for as much as 20%.

By the way, there are entities such as the houston home loans which can help provide the necessary funding for your landscaping project.

Environmental Benefits

Landscaping your home is not just helpful for business per se. It’s one way for you to help the environment and promote healthy living. So how does that work?

You see, landscaping involves plants, shrubs, trees, and other terrestrial organisms. Giving spaces to these can create a more relaxed, fresher, and a cleaner atmosphere and surrounding. A tree alone can absorb 26 pounds of carbon dioxide every year, including other harmful particulates. Trees also help reduce sound waves and noise pollution. They also minimize the flow of pollutants and sediments.

Source: https://pixabay.com/photos/beautiful-home-garden-2826052/

Health and Social Benefits

A green landscape is a natural stress reliever. Who would not enjoy seeing trees and flowers and just basking on the fresh atmosphere they give?

Research has shown that a group of workers exposed to a green landscape reported lesser headaches and ailments. Collectively, their positive feelings improved while adverse emotions such as anger and fear diminished. The surge in positivity then helped build a stronger relationship among them, sharing laughter and inspirational statements.

Now, with more and more people seeking green corners such as mountains and forests, landscaping can be a competitive edge to increase your home’s value. That in turns, lead to more clients and engagements.

Of course, this is not only for other benefits but for your family as well. Having a green landscape can gear towards your overall well-being-emotional, social, financial, and mental.

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