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How do solar PV coatings work – the secret unfolded

Solar PV coating is a protective layer used for preventing the untimely wearing down of solar power panels. The solar energy, these days, is generated using solar panels made of photovoltaic cells that do the job of converting the solar energy (heat and light) into the electrical energy. Since the panels are to be installed in the open space at an angle where the maximum trapping of heat is possible, the chances of dust and other contaminants getting deposited on to the panel surface cannot be ruled out. Thus, panels, these days, are further strengthened with solar PV coating.

How solar PV coating works

To understand the process, let’s take a look at the structure of the coating. The solar PV coating is primarily composed of nano-structured silica particles. These particles are blended into the resin matrix to create a coating for solar PV panels. Here are some of the characteristics that make this material quite suitable for acting as protective layer.

  • Silica nano-particles positioned aptly in siloxane matrix show distinct repellent behavior to water and dust particles.
  • The nano-particle structure allows light to transmit better without getting scattered, thus, the output per hour rate of solar panel increases considerably.
  • The structure of silica molecules can be expanded to any scale desired. The chemical composition is also of non-hazardous nature and is completely user-friendly.

Thus, solar PV coatings deliver multiple roles. The technology of solar power panel installation is growing at a fast rate. After finding the energy generating capabilities, the focus is on enhancing the shelf-life and efficiency of the solar panels. The solar PV coatings are the result of the research made in the direction of increasing output and functional efficiency of the solar plants. The best part is they are considered future-proof too.

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