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Home Renovation 101

Whether you are living in that home for 10 years or just 10 months, it’s possible that you get bored with how certain things in your home look like. It can be something small like the pictures on your walls or even something big such as renovating an entire room completely from ‘head to toe’. Home renovation usually implies that you need a lot of money in order to do it so it looks how you’ve imagined it. But that’s not the case. What if we told you that you can make a room feel like new just by changing a few things?

Living room

The living room is the room that you spend the most time in. So it’s very possible that after a while you will want to change its’ look. But in order to do so, you will need a lot of time and money. You will definitely need assistance when moving or remodeling, and for that, you need money too. So the only way to renovate your home without needed a lot of money is to change up a few things. The first thing you can do is paint the walls. Yes, it is a big job to do but changing the colors of your walls can give a new dimension to the room. If you don’t feel like doing all that, changing some of the furniture is a way to go. For example, putting a new armchair in the corner or a new table. And if that is too much for you, don’t worry. Changing the cushions on your sofa, putting new drapes and even buying new decoration pieces can be enough. Try to coordinate the colors in order to make it look stylish.

Adding something new can turn a room around



The bedroom is the second place in the house that people always want to change up. Although there aren’t many things you can do. It’s the same with the living room. New wall color, new drapes. You can hang up a few family pictures on the wall. Another great way to renew your bedroom is to buy new nightstands. They don’t cost much but they make a big difference. Buying a new lamp also does the trick very well. A great example of how to renew your bedroom without changing much is to buy new bedsheets. Bedsheets are important so investing in good and beautiful sheets is a good investment which you won’t regret. Buying new throw pillows gives the room a stylish look.


Adding new stuff to any room is great but adding something new to your kitchen or your bathroom is always visible. Try adding a plant to your kitchen window, buy new oven mitts and rags. And if you feel like changing a bit more than just that, try to repaint your cabinets and put new handles. They’ve made paint for tiles so that is another great way to renew without needing a lot of money. If you decide to completely renovate your kitchen there are certain things you need to consider when seeking inspiration.

Add plants on your kitchen window


As far as the bathroom goes, the best way to make your bathroom feel new is to change your mirror or your sink if you have the money. And if you don’t, painting the tiles will do the job just fine. Add some decorations here and there; buy a small plant that you can put on a shelf and you are good to go.Basically, all you need to do is buy:

  • New towels
  • Some plants
  • Fancy jars to store some stuff
  • A new floor mat.

Search for some fabulous features to add when remodeling your bathroom completely. Usually people don’t put too much effort in bathroom design, but we find it very important.

Complete home renovation

If after all, you decided to do a complete home renovation, we have some tips for you too. Start by cleaning out the place. This means decluttering too. Throw away anything you don’t need. It’s important to say goodbye to all that junk when remodeling so that when you’re done you can fill your place with new better things. It’s never good to hold onto the past.

And if you were thinking about renovating one room at a time, you better throw that idea away right now. Even if you don’t have the money to do the whole house at once, it’s better to wait a bit. It’s a bad idea because this way, by doing one room at a time, it will take much longer. Sometimes it can take months. But by doing it all at once, the work will be finished in no time. It’s also better this way so that if you change your mind about something it can be done immediately.

Don’t renovate one room at a time to avoid months of mess in your home

 Moving and renovating

It’s best to renovate your home before moving intoit. So if you are preparing to move, you better save up some money for home renovation if it’s needed. And if possible, do the renovating before you even pack up your stuff from the previous home. This way you’re not going to be surrounded by stuff while doing the renovation. Renovating requires time and space so you can move around. It’s also good not to have stuff around so that if anything goes wrong, your belongings aren’t ruined. But hopefully, nothing goes wrong. This can be very stressful especially if you are moving. Sometimes, if you don’t hire good and verified movers things can go wrong in many ways which is something you don’t want to experience. Grunts Move Junk and Moving Massachusetts is a great moving company that is proven to be good and reliable. It’s important to have trustworthy movers.

Hiring assistance while moving or remodeling is a good idea


Hopefully, you gathered some ideas and tips on home renovation. You certainly don’t need a lot of money to make an old room feel new. But that’s not the case when we are talking about complete home renovation. In order to do it right, you will need a certain amount of money so we suggest you try to calculate how much money you need. Don’t start if you think that you don’t have enough money as that can lead up to months of chaos in your home. Don’t use the ‘one room at a time’ method either as the same thing can happen that way. Whatever you choose to do in the end, we hope you are satisfied.

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