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Innovative Structures Inc. offers 2-Car garage plans and designs. A 2-Car garage plan is designed to accommodate two automobiles. Innovative Structures Inc. Company offers different architectural styles and rooflines to bring up a 2-car garage plan to blend with a lot of home styles. These garage designs add value and a beautiful appeal to almost any home fitting nicely into your backyard.

Factors to consider when choosing a two-car garage plan

  • Consider your needs. If you would like to have a two car garage plan that accommodates the need for extra parking space, such as that necessitated by a boat parking space or if you plan to acquire another car in future, ensure that your external garage plan accommodates future expansion.

    • Determine the functions of the garage: Garages can have different functions depending on your preference although its primary role is to provide you with a space to park your cars and keep them safe from different weather elements. As such, you can decide to go for an external garage plan that compliments this function with others. 

    • Identify the design you like: A car garage plan for two vehicles can have different external designs depending on what you would like to have. You should prefer external designs that mimic your home to bring a sense of class and beauty to your home.

    Top 3 Two-car garage plans

  1. High Barn Detached 2-car garage: The detached garage is the high barn style that is designed to combine a tarpaper on its roof and hurricane ties. These garage designs are old-fashioned and provide an extra room for either a store or to create for other stuff (https://www.pinterest.com/buildingworksau/garages-carports/). The High Barn Detached 2 car garage ensures that your stuff is accommodated inside a stay safe.

    ii. Carport Garages: A carport garage is a covered structure that offers protection to vehicles from rain and snow. The structure can be attached to a wall or can be free standing. Carport garages allow more ventilation since they are free standing. You can also relocate them easily. We offer carport garages that are economically priced and offer you 14 different colors (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carport). You can decide for a carport garage can be customized with enclosed and open sides. Car garage plans can be fully enclosed wide garage door, A-Frame roof, two garage-door, or custom siding. We also provide you with an opportunity to choose structures of different sizes in accordance to the size that meets all your needs. 

    iii. Gable two-car garage: A gable two-car garage is another dimension of prefab garages. Our company takes into account different designs by providing you with a ‘do it yourself layout’. This garage interior design of Gable A-frame shed ensures and guarantees safety to your stored stuff. This design also provides you with a wide and open space that gives room to a tinker and store. The Gable car garage plan for two also provides an appealing view on your background and has become a preference in real estate building.

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