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Guide to decorating bathrooms: trends & ideas

The bathroom or toilet is a space in the home that has to meet two basic maxims: give a sense of cleanliness and order and be functional to facilitate the performance of our daily cleaning tasks. In addition to all this, we must not forget that we have to make it a space for relaxation that suggests, above all, well-being.

For this, the distribution, the choice between different alternatives and their design are fundamental, always taking into account the breadth of our bathroom and other aspects, as if it has natural lighting or not. In this article of unCOMO, we offer you a complete guide to decorating bathrooms analyzing the current trends and giving you ideas and photos to renew this stay.

Bath or shower?

Inside our guide to decorating bathrooms we will begin by analyzing a factor that normally causes doubts: choose a bath or shower for this stay. Both give us great possibilities in terms of decoration but if you have a small space, we recommend you opt for a shower as it will help you gain space.

To separate and protect any of them there are numerous alternatives:

  • Aluminum or glass bulkheads. They are the most common, although there are screens of all kinds of materials. The glass gives a bohemian and elegant appearance and you can also choose it with borders or motifs according to the design of your bathroom. The most essential thing is to keep it all time clean.
  • Curtains. Also, they constitute an important aspect of the general decoration of the bathroom, highlighting even more if it is small. They can be more functional than screens and easier to change, but many people do not consider them as elegant. Choose one of good material so that dirt and mold do not accumulate, as well as a design that goes with your style.

What cannot be missing in your bathroom

There are a number of elements that the toilet cannot do without:

  • Mirrors. In addition to being very functional, because we need them for the cleaning tasks, they are very suitable for the decoration of bathrooms and help to make it look wider. Play with shapes and sizes, you can install full-length mirrors, round or square, and take advantage of your options on furniture doors.
  • Lighting . Especially important if the natural light does not enter your bathroom. The idea is to have a type of light that allows us to see in detail (for example, lighting in mirrors), and another more tenuous to create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Halogen and LED lights will give us great possibilities.
  • Accessories. Of great importance in the decoration of bathrooms, they usually keep all the same style. Towel rails with original shapes and motifs, soap dishes, toothbrush glasses, etc.
  • Objects to decorate. We talk about paintings that are installed to help give strength in the decoration, elements such as vases with natural or porcelain flowers, small cushions or candles.
  • Mat. We will place it next to the shower or bathtub to avoid slips when leaving. Do not settle for the typical bath mat and go further, opt for a different texture, a color that stands out and occupies a greater space in that area to give additional warmth.
  • Furniture. Wooden bets tend to look good in bathrooms, although furniture can also take care of giving color notes. A chair or similar to leave the clothes before going to the shower, even an armchair if you have space, will be a good option. If the bathroom is small, we recommend the shelves, in which you can organize your accessories with wicker baskets; double tables, to store towels and others; small cabinets or furniture with drawers and doors so as not to have the toilet items in view, but to be able to access them easily. Choose furniture that stands out for its versatility, such as shelves, suspended furniture, trolleys or cabinets with mirror front.
  • Anti-slip adhesives for the bathroom. If you have children, remember to cover the bathroom or shower with an anti-slip surface or, failing that, buy some stickers with nice reasons to fix to the bottom. An idea that you will love is to cover the floor of the shower with a wooden platform. Not only is it resistant and will give a very elegant look to your shower, but it is also non-slip.
  • A tray or shelf in the shower area to always have on hand gels, softener or sponges. Choose a water-resistant or that is in an area where it does not get wet to not get dirty over time.
  • Plumbing: Although it may seem like another element, it is a perfect opportunity to give the bathroom that modern touch we need. We can bet on taps in cascade, more slender, round, elongated …

In general, in small bathrooms, it is recommended to bet on light colors that make it look bigger and take full advantage of its luminosity. If we want our toilet to remind us of the sea and provide relaxation and well-being, the tones that go very well and are still a trend are scales in bluish or green.

If the bathroom is wider and you want to give it an elegant note, the contrast between red and black or black and white will give it a very aesthetic and different touch. For a more minimalist and modern brushstroke, bet on the confrontation of white and gray.

The ideal thing in bathrooms is to mix two or three base colors, with accessories that keep the same color line.

Current trends in bathroom decoration

The trend is being created to make the bathrooms look more and more like small living rooms. To do this, other elements of decoration are used: furniture such as armchairs or centering the bathtub in the middle of the bathroom, instead of moving it to a corner. This makes them more sophisticated and elegant.

This season, the colors are earth, the wood in the furniture and the strong contrasts in the two tones.

Minimalist style

In our guide to decorating bathrooms, we will analyze the minimalist style that became fashionable in recent years, arriving with the desire to break with the aesthetics of previous bathrooms that bet little on design.

Still on the rise for its elegance and glamor. Usually use neutral colors, without betting much on the bright color, if they do it is in small details such as towel racks or dark purple armchairs and is a design in which straight lines predominate.

A very fashionable trend in this style that will give your bathroom a totally innovative look is suspended furniture: sinks or cabinets anchored to the wall that does not touch the floor but rise a few inches above it.

Zen decoration in bathrooms

We could say that part of the basis of the minimalist in terms of that modern touch, a certain simplicity and symmetry, but looking for an extra balance. Remember to use elements such as stripes in black-white contrasts, create a calm atmosphere in pastel, ocher, and beige.

Bet on natural materials such as stone, bamboo, wicker and paper, few ornaments, dim and indirect lighting, and, above all, to keep the sense of order, fleeing ornate ornamentation.

Vintage style

The trend of the decoration of vintage style could not be missing in our guide to decorating bathrooms. It is always a safe bet for the nostalgic, especially suitable in large spaces. This style is perhaps the one that most recovers an element that has been lost in bathrooms due to its low functionality: the bidet.

Predominant colors such as beige, crude or pink , elements like lamps of another era, more slender and exaggerated taps, furniture like couches and accessories such as chandeliers. This trend will go better with a round bathtub, instead of a hidden rectangular one.

Decoration trends that you have to know

As we said that wood is still in fashion , how about covering the front of your bathtub in wood? In addition, it will be easily combined with elements such as wicker chairs or beige details. The wood, in addition, can be incorporated in the furniture, platforms or towel rails, it is always a safe bet that gives it a Nordic aspect, of warmth, besides being a resistant material.

Double-height showers are also taken , ideal to gain space and give a modern touch. By simply installing a glass door to protect the shower, we will have created a space with great functionality.

Following ideas for small bathrooms, bet on rectangular and suspended basins to save space. Install the toilet, sink and shower on the same wall and keep in mind the floating toilets.

Likewise, the color bet can come from the floor tiles by hand . Escape from the simple tiles that hardly add anything to the decoration and decant by some of different shapes, combining motifs or different colors.

In bathtubs and showers, it takes a lot of hydromassage options , very pleasant in the day to day, in addition to giving a modern touch to the overall appearance of the bathroom. The alternatives are immense: computer showers or thermostatic mixers that provide water from one or several heads.

The low bathtubs with shelves are also taken , so that the bathtub incorporates a rectangular space of several centimeters, in which we can place items such as towels, candles, vases or items that we can use during the bath, such as a glass of wine or chocolates to make our bathroom evenings a pleasure.

The flowers and plants are still present and not only in vases, but also in the form of painted murals that give a natural touch to our bathrooms. If you like Japanese or Korean style, have a mural of the most exotic Asian trees painted.

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