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Great Options For Corporate Housing In St. Louis

A great option for employees on assignment, travelers, holiday goers or any other individuals is corporate housing as a possible choice for long term or short term housing. The following companies are premium providers for furnished apartments in St. Louis area.

St. Louis Corporate Housing

It is a major player in providing fully furnished apartments, the company has custom designed apartments to satisfy the taste and preferences of various clients. The representatives of the company are natives born and raised in the St. Louis area who have a deeper understanding of the best housing, best locations, best restaurants, best malls and an age-old experience of the area. The apartments are conveniently located in the Central West End of the St. Louis Metropolitan area, so the city hotspots are right nearby and are a short distance away. Whether one is coming to St. Louis on business, tour, visiting family or friends or for purposes of higher learning, he or she can easily check out fully furnished apartments in the area on the company’s website (https://stlch.com/)

VIP Corporate Housing

This is also a major player in corporate housing and the company offers convenient and affordable fully furnished apartments. According to the company’s website (www.vipcorporatehousing.com), each apartment has a wide array of amenities and most of the utilities are included in their daily rates. Furthermore, the company permits clients to bring along their pets whether the duration of stay is long term or short term.

Hampton Corporate Suites

According to the company’s website (http://www.hamptoncorporatesuites.com), it’s a leading provider of housing apartments and steadfast in assisting clients with all their interim short-term housing needs. Hampton Corporate Suites established St. Louis as its home base 20 years ago. The company strives to integrate expertise and a unique business sense in order to achieve greater success, more profits, and an increased market base.

One key feature of the corporate housing companies in St. Louis is that they allow clients to select their furnished apartments to fit their needs for size, budget, and location. On the basis of size, most companies offer one, two or three bedroom furnished apartments that are spacious and probably below or at the same cost of a standard hotel room. The housing providers’ offer highly competitive pricing on furnished apartments and the prices vary based on key factors such as location, size of a unit, season and the length of term. In a nutshell, the companies may look very similar, therefore it’s important to take a closer look at factors such as levels of customer service, satisfaction rankings from guests and values of a company.

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