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Granite materials for your kitchen countertop

Kitchen countertops are the one of the most common thing which is found in the kitchen. They are said to be fitted in western style. It contains the unit of cabinets which are covered with the countertop surface. The factors which are to be considered while purchasing kitchen countertops are hygiene, functionality, durability, and costs. In most of the cases, the countertops are installed 25 to 26 inches from front to back. It gives a convenient way of reaching objects. The countertops can be decorated in horizontal and vertical edges.


There are many materials which are available for the kitchen countertops, and you can find some of the best ones in your budget at Everest granite. Granite is the most widely used material for countertops as it gives you a fantastic look, it is durable and provides an elegant look to the kitchen. But at  times, it is felt to be costly and thus not affordable to all. In that case, you have the option of marble and engineered stone, i.e., quartz.

Engineered stone also known as quartz as it contains 93% of the quartz material. Quartz is famous for being available in a large number of colors as compared to granite, and it also contains the nonporous surface which allows its resistance towards the scratches. As far as maintenance is considered, the quartz is quite a good option as it can be maintained easily. You don’t need to worry about the sealing with natural stone. Regarding resistance and colors quartz can beat granite, but it is also expensive. It is resistant to stains and acids, and it is too easy to care for.  

Apart from granite and quartz, you have another countertop material option, i.e., marble. It is again an expensive option and comes with high prices tag. It is not usually seen in the entire kitchen. It gives a luxurious look, and thus it is mainly used on the inset of the baking area. The materials need a right amount of maintenance, and it is something which gets affected by stains easily. There are certain sealers which can retard the stains. They are waterproof and also heatproof, and in look, they are lovely. Marble is porous, and it needs sealing at regular intervals.  

The above mentioned are the best materials which can be used for your kitchen countertops. They are a bit expensive, but they give a beautiful and elegant look.

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