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Graffiti Removal: Precautionary Measures to Take

Graffiti has become a common problem in the urban cities and is contributing extensively to damaging the aesthetics of any surrounding area.

Taken as an act of vandalism, graffiti removal campaigns are now executed on a wide level. The adoption of removing and cleaning graffiti has increased the demand for graffiti removal business.

Being in the graffiti removal business requires working on a variety of sites and buildings, and coming in contact with different chemicals for tougher painting surfaces. The process can subject you to substantial risk related to your health as well as safety.

Under such circumstance, it is beneficial to take precautionary measures. Here are a few tips to help you how to remove graffiti in a safe manner:

1.      Optimal Work Conditions

Graffiti removal can be a long process, demanding you to stand for hours outside the building and work sites. It is imperative that you plan your activity carefully and after carrying out risk assessment pertaining to the work conditions.

Ensure that the day you choose to work on is suitable in terms of weather condition and human and traffic movement in the precise location. Avoid the graffiti removal processing on the days where weather updates predict chances of rain, fog or ice-related conditions.

If there are alerts for strong winds or brutally sunny day, avoid that day. Exposing yourself to bright sun for long hours can subject you towards medical issues. Ensuring that the activity around the building is least will make certain that no negative effect is inflicted on the human life.

2.      Safety Gear

Personal protection equipment is extremely important to ensure that you are completely safe in case of incidents and any unexpected situation. You need to lace yourself up with appropriate safety gear including safety sunglasses, high visibility vest, appropriate footwear suitable for the work nature, protective headgear, gloves, and dust masks. These tools are mandatory to make sure you are safe from all kinds of hazards and the execution of graffiti removal process will not impact you negatively.

3.      Worksite Precautions

On the site you are working graffiti removal, it is essential that you take sufficient measures to ensure the safety and protection. What you need to do on the worksite is to activate the warning lights right after you arrive.

This will alert that work is in progress. Secondly, placing barriers and traffic management signs are important. This will keep the disturbance from outside minimum and will also guide the people and vehicles passing by.

4.      Acts to Avoid and Perform

While engaged in the graffiti removal process, you need to ensure following acts are executed:

  • Chemicals that are to be used in the removal process are appropriately labelled.
  • Chemical substances are stored safely and in a manner that minimises the risk of injury.
  • All tools are in optimum working conditions.

The acts that need to be avoided during the process are:

  • Do not smoke near the worksite. It can cause an adverse reaction to chemicals in close proximity.
  • Do not indulge in dealing with chemicals without covering your face with protective gear and hands covered in gloves. You don’t want your skin or eyes getting affected by the chemical.
  • Do not place the ladder on an uneven surface if there is a need for one. Falls from the ladder can lead you to substantial injuries.

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