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Get To Know The Different Types Of Chainsaws

Are you looking for suitable chainsaw for your workshop or for certain project? Manufacturers are making chainsaws of many different sizes and capabilities with respect to its power or material.

Following are few of the best chainsaw under 200, which are sold in the market. You need to choose one based on your application and need.

Gas powered chainsaw

In fact, whenever one hears about chainsaw then the first thing that pops in their mind is a gas powered chainsaw. These gas-powered chainsaws will feature 2-cycle or 2-stroke engine, which is fuelled with a mixture of gasoline and oil.

Although chainsaws of other kinds too may have almost similar engines, the typical characteristic of idling and revving of gas-powered chainsaw during operation is its unmistakable sound.

Corded electric powered chainsaw

The corded electric chainsaw will have an electric motor for powering the chain. Therefore, this kind of chainsaw has to be connected to certain standard electrical outlet and it has limited ranges.

The range can however be extended, by using portable electric generator. Generator can either be mounted on wheeled cart or mounted on motor vehicle and used with a long extension cord.

Battery powered chainsaw

Battery-powered chainsaw can eliminate both the hassle and mess caused by mixing gasoline and oil. Moreover, it avoids the limitations and inconveniences associated with electric corded chainsaw.

However, this kind of chainsaw will need frequent recharging or it will have very limited running time, after every charge.

Manually powered chainsaw

Manual or pocket chainsaw are basically like the ordinary saw chain having handles or grips. While powered chainsaw will have chain with proper cutting teeth that is oriented for cutting in only single direction. They have teeth, which is oriented in both the directions.

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