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Get everything you need for Santeria

Santeria which is also known as lucumi is the religion of the Afro American religion of Caribbean origin which developed in erstwhile Spain Empire of West African descendants. The word Santeria is a Spanish word which means the worship of saints. All the products and the accessories which are used in different functions regarding the Santeria are easily available on the wisdom products website. You can buy any product ranging from incense sticks to candles and to idols and pictures and much more. You can order all these products from online stores.

Types of Santeria products

Ritual candles: As the name itself suggests, these candles are used at different rituals conducted during the Santeria. You must get the specific candles for the specific ritual. If you get the wrong candles for the rituals then you may lose the benefits which you could have gained by the usage of specific candles for the specific ritual. There are different types of ritual candles like 7 days candles, 14 days candles, image candles, alter candles etc.

Magical oils: These oils are believed to bring magical effect on the health, and the residence of the individual who uses these oils. They are further used in the various rituals of the Santeria. You can get the customized oil blended with two oils as per your requirement and choice. Thus, you have to express your preferences irrespective of the oils shown on the website.

Herbs and roots for your purification and protection: There are many herbs and roots which are being used by the priests and the shaman to heal, protect and provide the desired benefits. You can have all of them from Santeria distributors. They provide the most authentic and original herbal products and all the products used in the rituals. You can get the products which you wish to have for the rituals.

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