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Four Reasons Butane Is the Best Fuel for Caravanning and Camping

During the summer periods, we start emerging from long hibernation periods inside our houses to bliss in the fantastic weather, enjoying warm nights and sunny days. Especially if you reside in colder areas in the United States, you will probably have the zeal to carry out little outdoor cooking whenever the temperature finally begins to rise.

Whether you are entertaining your friends in the backyard or conversing with nature after a very long backpacking trek, ensure you stock up tanks of butane which will assist you in cooking your outdoor meals to perfection. With several options currently available on the market for heating and warming your outdoor cooking, it can get quite challenging for consumers to figure out which fuel to choose.

Below are some reasons to consider butane as your caravanning and camping fuel of choice.

#1: It is very affordable

Butane is gotten from the process of refining crude oil or natural gas, and because of recent advances in technology that could break shale deposits, natural gas, as well as its derivatives, are presently more available than before. Although propane and butane are derived from the same process, butane is budget-friendly than its hydrocarbon rivals, and bottles of butane typically come with higher volumes.

#2: It works quickly

When trying to light a moveable gas cartridge stove or oven, butane fuel lights immediately and reaches its highest heat output so that you do not need to wait too long to start cooking. A single liter of water takes about four to seven minutes to boil when utilizing a gas stove. Also, gas camping stoves are easy to control, maintenance free, long lasting, and safe. Butane can be easily resealed irrespective of it being empty.

#3: It is easy to use

When compared with making use of other types of fuel like unleaded kerosene and gasoline, butane is tremendously easy to use. While other kinds of fuel need priming, butane canisters and cartridges can be easily attached to your stove and then they are ready to go.

#4: It is easy to carry

When you are carrying all of your possessions on your back during the day, every iota of weight matter. Butane bottles are lighter than those jam-packed with propane, and since they are energy proficient, you do not have to bring too many bottles of butane with you. To get the most out of butane fuel, you can check out portable sources like the Puretane.

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