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Fixing the Chip in Your Quartz Worktop

Quartz is a tough mineral so you can expect it to last for a long time. It might be costly, but you are not going to regret having it as your worktop at home. There might be instances though that your actions can cause chipping on the worktop. It might also happen after some time of using the worktop. In the event that you see a chipped area, here are some tips to remember.

Clean the area first

You have to clean the whole countertop before you do anything. Spray the surface with a cleaner that is ammonia-based. To evenly distribute the cleaner, use a clean cloth. The worktop must be fully cleaned before any attempt at repair is made.

Use super glue

Use a fast-acting glue or super glue to replace the chipped part of the worktop. You can easily find this in local hardware stores. Just apply a small amount on the chipped portion. Using a paintbrush, spread the glue evenly. Once you are done, immediately close the super glue. This can pose risk when used and even further damage the worktop.

Place the glued chipped portion of the worktop back in place, and let it stay there for 24 hours. Don’t do anything until the glue is completely dried.

Remove excess glue

If you are certain that the affected part is already back in place, remove the excess glue on the surface using a razor blade. You have to be extremely careful in doing this. You should also use safety gear like gloves. Move the blade back and forth over the said portion until all excess glue is completely gone.

Clean the worktop again

Once the excess glue is removed, you can now clean the entire worktop. Just do the usual cleaning process so that the countertop becomes smooth again. Observe the area for a few days to check if the problem comes back. If everything is fine, you can continue using the worktop. Otherwise, repeat the gluing process until you are certain the chipped portion is back in place.

Tips for preventing future problems

One of the best ways to avoid this problem from ever happening is to have the countertop sealed. This is another expense, but this ensures chipping won’t happen. If you are yet to buy a worktop, you should choose high-quality worktops. Don’t settle for cheap worktops just because you can afford them. You will end up facing several chipping related issues in the future. Perhaps, the materials used are a mixture of different minerals that have weakened the integrity of the quartz.

To be safe, look for reliable quartz worktops London worktop suppliers sell. There are a lot of great choices and you can also read reviews that are positive about these stores. Just compare the choices and find one that is perfect for your taste and your budget range. Quality quartz worktop will most likely not face difficult repair issues.

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