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Fireplace mantels that will add beauty to your house

The fireplace mantel is having another name called the chimneypiece. The origin of fireplace mantel is during the medieval period. It is a very beautiful way of decorating your house. The fireplace mantel will add extra beauty to your house and will serve your purpose.  The construction of this fireplace basically takes place with the help of bricks, stone or metal design for containing a fire. To add beauty to your house you can check the types and variations on omegamantels.com. There are various designs available which are shown in the showroom of Omega mantels.

Why one must use fireplace mantel for their house

The cast stones products basically find their uses in ornaments and decorative applications. They find their uses in indoor as well as outdoor. The best alternative to natural stone is the cast stone fireplace mantel. It is the best alternative other than natural building stones. This is because of its great strength, various designs and affordability. The lightweight and durability are one of the greatest features of this concrete.

Types of fireplace mantels that are common nowadays

For new homes and renovated homes cast stone mantels are best. There are available in various designs, elegant textures and different colours. The construction of each piece is with lightweight. Experts test and construct each piece.  There are various types of fireplace mantels. The designs of mantels range from contemporary to classic. The types include-

  • Seamless series
  • Archway series
  • Classic series
  • Grand stock series
  • Overmantels

These mantels are naturally gorgeous and there is no requirement for finishing.  It is very easy to install. Normal workers will provide you with the process of installation. Many restaurants and other interiors of business houses may require this. This raises the status of interior and adds a flavour to the interior.

Design consultation

There are design representatives also who will guide you in the process of installation and choosing. They will help you in finding the perfect colours and choosing the right models for your interior. The services by Omega mantels are free and the design you receive is priceless.

So to have an extraordinary and unique look you can contact the omega mantels. You can construct one of a kind or can even customize. The whole way depends on you.

Hope this will help you in guiding you to choose the best mantle for yourself. Make your house attractive and unique.

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