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Few Wine Barrel Furniture That You Can Either Buy or Do It Yourself

Do you know that an old wine barrel lying unused in your ancestral home can be transformed into a beautiful furniture? With your creativity and a little help from a carpenter near your place, you can create something beautiful to decorate your home.

These days, people are interested to get rid of waste and prefer to recycle various items. So, it is not a bad idea to recycle your old wine barrel and without doing too much work on them you can create useful furniture for your home. You may visit website https://hungarianworkshop.com/shop/end-tables/ to get few smart ideas that can help you decide which item will be really useful for your home.

The wood used in wine barrel is of very good quality and it has been seasoned well for all these years. Therefore, you can get durable furniture out of them, which will also give a vintage look to the décor of the house.

If you are fond of taking up any DIY project, then wine barrels made out of old oak will be a great idea to keep you busy during the weekends. Many people often throw away the old wine barrel or store them at the basement as unused item. Make sure that you do not throw them away but make good use of them.

Let us explore few furniture making ideas by using these wine barrels.

  • Dining table

Get two wine barrels of equal height and size. You may apply varnish on the outside of the barrel. Make sure that both barrels look almost identical. Now get a dining size table top of similar color and using the barrels as the support put the table top over them. You now have a beautiful dining table with very little cost paid from your pocket. If you like you can also have glass table top too.

  • Mini bar with tabletop

By modifying the barrel drum, you can create a mini bar where you can add shelves inside the barrel. Cut the barrel from one side and create a door for the bar. In one of the shelf, you can keep your drinking glass while on the other shelf you can store various drinks of your choice. The bottles of the drink and glasses will remain safe inside the barrel. On the top side of the barrel, you can put a round table top and then your mini bar will also have table arrangement.

With little modification of your wine barrel you can also create stools for your mini bar. It will be a beautiful arrangement to drink along with your close friends or with the member of your family.

However, when you are creating different furniture out of wine barrel then you must remember the following few things.

  • You must choose only those wine barrels which are in perfect condition and are pretty strong.
  • Make sure that there is no crack, holes, soft areas or any kind of defects present in these wine barrels.
  • Before using these wine barrels, you must clean them thoroughly
  • It is preferable to varnish it from both inside and outside
  • Oak barrels are much stronger and hence prefer barrels of only oak woods.

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