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Few Reasons Why People Consider Retiring in Florida

Most of the people who decide to move in their retiring age prefer to choose Florida as their new place of residence. After all, Florida is a place where the climate is always warm and there are beaches and tropical cities for which the place is renown. Disney World is another attraction of Florida that makes people want to look around for interstate movers from Florida. So, what is so special about the Sunshine State that makes people make the choice of retiring in Florida and settling down here?

Main reasons people note for retiring in Florida

When you speak to people who have settled down here and others who are just planning on retiring in Florida, they will usually have different reasons for choosing this for their new home. So, here are a few reasons mentioned by them as to why they find Florida to be so attractive for them to spend the remainder of their lives there. If you are also among those who will retire soon, it might be interesting to read this article. Who knows, you might even choose to move to sunny Florida.

#1: Percentage of people over 65 is growing rapidly

If you plan to retire in Florida, you will never feel short of company as the number of people above the age of 65 is growing steadily. According to current findings, there are already 3.5 million senior citizens among the overall population of Florida. And they are constantly growing, day by day.

As per the census conducted in the USA during 2010, the population of Florida was 18.8 million where the number of people in the age group of 65 and above was 3.3 million. By 2020 the total population is projected to rise to around 21.2 million, with 4.5 million senior citizens. Similarly, the projected population of 2030 is going to be 23.9 million and out of them, the number of people of age 65 and above will be roughly 6 million. This is nearly double the size of the present population of senior citizens, in just over 20 years

If you are a senior citizen, then wherever you settle down in Florida you won’t have trouble finding people of your age group. That is what I experienced when I visited recently to Florida to spend my vacation. You can visit any grocery shop, restaurants, bars or any other public places – you will always be able to find a crowd of senior people.

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All the infrastructure and other facilities are designed to be senior-friendly. Whether you want to buy a bathtub or even insurance, there are special deals for seniors. Florida is well-aware of the ever-growing number of senior residents in its cities.

#2: Retiring in Florida can save you lots of money on tax

People retiring in Florida can find this place more attractive as it is the most tax-friendly state in the USA. There is no income tax, no estate tax and no inheritance tax. However, you cannot maintain a second home in Florida and claim tax exemption. You need to prove that you are staying at least half of the year in the state. You can do any of the following to prove your resident status:

  • Register as a voter in Florida
  • Must maintain a library card
  • Change your car registration and driver’s license
  • Keep an account in local bank and keep ATM receipts
  • Shop from local store by using credit card
  • Have relationship with local healthcare providers
  • Declaration of domicile

#3: Home prices are affordable

Average prices of home are far cheaper from any other states of the USA. However, shortage of supply and more demand is causing a rise in the overall prices. But still, compared to any other states, the prices of homes are much lower. Tampa Bay in particular is counted as one of the most affordable cities in the US. Besides that, Sarasota, Miami and Naples are also very attractive places to buy a home.

#4: The climate is warm

If you decide to visit Florida for shorter duration, then perhaps you will not be able to know about the climatic condition about the place. Quite often, there are thunderstorms with lots of lightning. It is also known as “The Lightning Capital of the US”. According to popular data, around 16 cities of the state are among the top lightning cities in the USA. Tampa and Cape Coral are on top of the list among those.

Florida is also known for hurricanes, as they can strike during almost any time of the year. They can cause a lot of material harm, most of which are caused by heavy winds. There is plenty of sunshine and therefore the climate is usually quite warm.

#5: You will need more insurance

Frequent hurricanes are the reason that you need to buy plenty of insurance. And if you are buying any real estate in Florida, then you must check its insurance cost too. Otherwise, you will end up spending a lot of your home budget for insurance. If you are buying a home in some of the flood zone areas, then you need to buy plenty of coverage for floods.

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Remember there are huge differences in insurance premiums, depending on the insurance company that you choose. You should hire an independent agent who deals with several insurance companies and knows the pros and cons about different insurances.

#6: Research the flora and fauna of Florida

There are plenty of animals like termites, rats, alligators, pythons and panthers. Therefore, if you are going for a walk, you should pay attention to the signs that are posted at parks, lakes, swimming pools, golf courses and ponds. Alligator attacks are rising and therefore you need to guard yourself against them.

#7: Not all cities are surrounded by beach

Many people think that Florida is totally surrounded by beach. Therefore, before you plan your relocation here, make sure to explore it properly. Sarasota has plenty of beaches, for example. Fort Myers beach is also a famous one, where you can find plenty of retired people as well as young people.

#8: Florida is a well-known tourist destination

Walt Disney World is one of the most visited places in the world, where most of you must have visited when you were a kid. The other places to visit are some of the famous beaches, parks where plenty of tourists visit each and every year.

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Mid-December to April is considered to be height of the season for tourists. Also, during mid-June to mid-August is when most families with children go to Florida. There are plenty of other attractions for tourists and children. And if you are planning to move to any city in Florida, then you can secure all the moving services you need (at the best prices) by visiting the website orangemovers.com.

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