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Feeling at home during a short stay in London

Accommodation is always a priority when planning a trip. For various people, the perfect lodging entails different things. It may be a place with unlimited internet for someone while another person may prefer access to public transport. Good accommodation is not just about finding somewhere to rest. You want a comfortable place where you can unwind after a tiresome day. When visiting London for a few weeks or months, a short let is one solution to try because it is more than practical. A short let allows you to have a home without the long-term commitment of conventional home ownership. There are several reasons why renting an apartment in London on a short-term lease makes for more home-like accommodation than other options.

A Bit More Space

Living in a hotel or even a resort comes with some space constraints. When you have family tagging along for a holiday, you need plenty of space especially if toddlers are included. Short lets meet a host of space requirements. You can rent a one or three bedroom, depending on the necessary capacity. Children will have room to run around. If you are on business in London and have an apartment with an extra room, you can have friends or family visit you without worrying about their living arrangements.


Another way that a short let offers the warmth of a home is the stability it provides. Whether an individual is relocating for work, recovering from a disaster or touring the region for an extended period, staying in a London apartment is a more stable solution. Living in a hotel can be exciting, but after a week, the feeling wears off. Then you start to notice the limited privacy, entertainment restrictions and piling costs. With a short-term rental, you can add a few temporary touches to make the place feel homier. Also, it’s your space, so you can entertain when you want to.

Home Cooked Meals

Nothing gives a place that warm, cosy feel like a home-cooked meal. Staying at a hotel means having to order food service to dine out. It is hard to really settle down even after a few weeks when you still have to eat out of a trolley or box. With an apartment, you can stock your fridge with fresh produce and make all your favourite dishes. Having your own kitchen also makes it easier to have dinner parties. You can invite new friends or colleagues to help you enjoy the marvels of London.

Enjoy the City

Most hotels, resorts and bed & breakfasts are located near tourist spots. Some people prefer something different. Renting a short let gives you the freedom to get an apartment in different parts of London. If you are in the capital for say six months, you can find a short let that offers the best of the city. You can explore the heart of London and mingle with locals in pubs, restaurants and shopping centres.

Short lets are suitable when you need reliable accommodation for more than a fortnight. Besides being cheaper than a hotel, staying in a short-term rental apartment is the easiest way to make London feel like home.

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