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Features to Look for When Selecting Pedicure Chair with Massage

It is not easy to find the best pedicure chair for your salon in view of all the various pedicure spa chairs, styles, price range, and features. Regardless of how this process might seem daunting, it does not need to be so complicated. All you need is careful research and your decision-making process can be both fun and easy. The first thing to determine is the person who will be providing pedicure services. The nail stylist may be providing pedicure services as part of add-on services or he may be a nail technician who provides luxury services and is not part of your salon’s staff team. A second thing to consider is the location where you intend to provide your nail services. You may choose to have a dedicated space that has a pedicure chair massage where clients can enjoy a truly relaxing experience. Fitting such products to your space can help you add a clean look to your salon.

The Three Main Parts of a Pedicure Chair with Massage

A basic chair will always have these three elements:

  • A seat
  • A footed bowl
  • A footrest

However, a pedicure chair massage can be more complicated than this. Modern models will have integrated basins, massage systems that have been embedded within the chair’s upholstery and a wide base for the chair. Find the perfect chair for your salon among the dozens of pedicure chairs in the market can be challenging. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you make a wise decision that is also practical.  

Piped in and pipe-less chairs

The above are the two main types of pedicure chairs that you will find on the market. Piped-in chairs are the ones that are fully plumbed to a building’s system. One main disadvantage of these chairs is that it is very hard to sanitize the pipes after every session with a client. Therefore hygiene concerns may become an issue among clients with this type of chair. Lack of proper sanitization results in the growth of bacteria inside the bowls because the pipes often harbor residues such as dead skin cells and broken nail prices. Infections can occur and just one such incidence can great ruin the reputation of your salon.

Pipeless chairs don’t have an internal pipe system. Even though they may be connected to a plumbing system, they function based on jet systems which mean that the water flows back in the other pipes and after every customer has completed their pedicure session the water is completely drained off. There is no risk of infections because these chairs can be fully sanitized. You can either connect the chair to a drain or empty using a portable drain pump.

Are massage Chairs worth the Investment?

The main classification presented above can help you make the right choice but you can also categorize pedicure chairs based on the availability or lack of extra features of integrated massage systems. A massage chair can be more expensive than a regular chair. Depending on your clientele, the chair might be worth your investment. You could charge more for your services since you provide an additional service within the pedicure process. Even if the price remains the same, a massage chair can attract more clients to your salon as it gives your customers a relaxing experience as they have their nails done.

Pedicure chairs come with numerous additional features that make the experience more comfortable for your clients and make the work of your staff easier. Here are some of the features that make the difference:

  • Ergonomics: a good padding, an adjustable footrest and armrest, and a reclining system are some of the features that significantly increase the level of comfort of a spa chair. There are some chairs that are also specifically designed to cater for heavier or very tall clients. Thus, all types of customers will feel comfortable to come to your salon for these services.
  • Manufacturer: choose a manufacturer whom you can trust and who provides quality products. You can therefore easily find replacement parts if you ever need these in future. A reputable manufacturer will provide you with durable products and abide b the highest quality standards. They also offer pipeless chairs that have numerous modern features.
  • Convenience:  there are small but significant features which could help your clients feel more comfortable while getting a pedicure service. These are cup holders, Bluetooth speakers or ports and magazine racks.
  • Basin features: A good pedicure basin should be acetone proof and should also have a quality finish that will not be affected by harsh cleaning chemicals. You can also look for heating elements or a jet system for the client’s comfort. These offer a soothing foot massage.
  • The staff features:  you want to ensure your staff has all they need to do a quick job that is well done. Ensure you provide them with a manicure tray, a technician’s stool, and a couple of supply of drawers. This not only makes their work easier but also ensures they work more efficiently.

Design Considerations

Always remember to have a welcoming atmosphere in your salon because it is a beauty establishment. Choose your equipment around a central color or design theme if you do not want to have an unprofessional look. There are a wide variety of modern pedicure salon designs so you will have no trouble picking on that suits your personal preference and taste but is also welcoming to high-end clients. You also need to consider the location of your salon when choosing the design. It should be unique and not be similar to the design of the surrounding buildings. Otherwise, most people will not take the time to look at it and you thus lose out on profits. Creativity also plays a part when choosing the design of the salon. Look for something that appeals to a wide variety of people and offers incentives from time to time.

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