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Ever See A Sign That Read ‘No Cats Allowed’?

The old joke goes something like this: posting a sign that reads ‘no dogs allowed’ or ‘no cats allowed’ will never work until cats and dogs learn to read. Cats in particular just go wherever they feel inclined, and having a dog door installed in your house can create unpredictable situations. Either unwanted cats come into your home and irritate the cat allergies of a resident, or your own cat gets outside where they can easily get out of a fenced yard that a dog can not escape. The convenience of your dog door has introduced some rather annoying consequences. What’s a pet owner to do?

We have the solution! At Australia Pet Doors we have a series of cat proof dog door styles that will allow your dog to pass through his or her dog door but will not allow any cats access. The secret we don’t want the cats knowing about (Shhh…!) is in the microchip responsive door panel that reacts only to the collar which your dog is wearing. Whenever your dog approaches the dog door, the magnetic signal between collar and door causes the door to unlock so that your dog can go outside. The same thing happens when they come back inside. That way you have both the convenience of a dog door that frees you up from having to go to the door all day long, and the confidence of knowing that no other animals can unintentionally end up in your kitchen. You’ll also know where your own kitty is, as well. We can’t be sure which shadowy corner she’ll be hiding in, but she’ll be around somewhere. 

With over a decade of work in pet doors supplies and innovation, we bring knowledge and experience to the service of our customers all around the globe. We’ve made certain to provide a variety of sizes for every breed from Mastiffs and Great Danes to the tiniest little Chihuahua or Maltese. We love dogs and cats, as well as a few other wonderful pets we’ve heard about! It’s our honour to supply pet doors of all kinds to improve your pet owning experience as well as to free up Fido or Kitty so that they can come and go whenever they please. The addition of the cat proof dog door to our inventory has helped customers individualize their pet door to serve the specific needs of their own households. In today’s technological world, that’s a real advance. 

With premium and value level pet doors available, we’re ready to meet your needs. Contact Australia Pet Doors at 0437-644-330 to find out what we can do for your pet.

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