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Eight Tips for Effective Window Cleaning


When warm spring breezes or crisp autumn mornings begin to fill the weeks, they prompt most of us to pull out the deep cleaning supplies – it’s time to get our home spick and span! That includes sparkling windows. Here are eight window cleaning tips to help you achieve beautifully clear glass panes:

  1. Vacuum Crevices First

Hopefully, your vacuum has an attachment that can be used to pull the dust and grime out of the crevices surrounding the glass. Vacuuming first prevents all that dust from streaking across the glass as you wipe.

  1. Save Washing for Gloomy Days

Sure, on sunny days you can easily see every single streak and patch of grime on your panes. However, you’ll also create more streaks since your cleaner will dry more quickly. Instead, choose a day that’s gloomy with temperatures of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. Break out the Squeegee

When it comes to window cleaning, a squeegee is your best friend. For most panes and glass doors, you can use a standard 10-inch or 12-inch squeegee. If you have a grid design, you can custom cut your squeegee to fit the smaller area.

  1. Cheap, Yet Effective Cleaner Solutions

You don’t have to buy the most expensive glass cleaner in the store to get stellar results. In fact, a drop or two of dish soap in a small bucket of warm water is a great option! You can also mix vinegar and water together (one-to-one ratio).

  1. Correct Technique Makes All the Difference

Use a natural sea sponge, a soft sponge, or a cloth to get the sudsy mixture all over your panes. Then take out your squeegee. Begin at the top of the pane and pull straight down in one long stroke. Dry the blade and keep moving across the pane until your reach the end. Then take your squeegee horizontally across the bottom to pick up any remaining suds.

  1. When Using a Squeegee on Inside Panes

You’ll have to be careful to protect your wooden sills when using your squeegee technique inside the house. Lay out some towels, use as little water as possible, and always have a rag handy so you can dry up drips right away.

  1. Dry the Panes with a Soft Cloth

Instead of using paper towels, which can leave lint on your newly-cleaned glass, reach for a soft cloth to dry the window. Cleaning those last drips of water with a microfiber cloth, an old often-washed T-shirt, a cloth diaper, or even a crumpled coffee filter will dry the panes without leaving streaks or scratches.

  1. Buff out Scratches with Paste

Any type of toothpaste that contains baking soda can be used to polish tiny scratches. Use a soft cloth and a small amount of toothpaste to buff out scratches using a circular motion. Then, wipe the area with a damp cloth. Finish with a dry cloth. You can also use baking soda mixed with water (3-to-1 ratio) for great result

All that scrubbing, squeegeeing, and buffing will have your windows sparkling in no time!

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