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Discover what home decoration style suits you!

There are many styles of home decoration, but do not bother it, below will show you everything and I will also help you find the right one for you to create the environment that represents you.

After our home, testifies to our personal taste, find what is closest to you and stand out with the personality and the warm home you will create. Discover everything and see what features you associate with your character.

How many house decorating styles exist and how to choose what suits you!

1) Minimal

The minimal decoration is an abstractional approach to decoration, since it worships little and well. If you like the regular house without too much objects, then this style of home decoration suits you and will greatly enhance your personality and taste.
2) Retro

The retro decoration borrows its name from a more classical approach that loves the old and timeless element and combines it with bold colors. Revive the notes of the past and give your home a look that turns you into the old, along with colors that are good. If you like the items that travel to you in other times, then this decoration is for you.

3) Modern

The modern decoration has many elements that refer to innovative shapes and designs. If you like to be a leader in trends and always choose the new and special element in whatever you do, then the modern home decor is the ideal that will help you show off your home. The first thing you need to do is buying a great poster Copenhagen and you are about to be totally in style!

4) Vintage

The vintage decoration has elements from the retro, but loves to combine trends such as the trendy with the classic. You can marry original furniture with modern design and notes from the past and create an aesthetic that travels you.

5) Pop Art

The pop art decoration loves the color and the intense big designs that give a fresh and youthful look at home. If you like to be surrounded by lots of color and liveliness, then do not go far, you belong to pop art decorators.

6) Ethnic

Ethnic decorations borrow elements from African or Indian culture, culminating in brown and orange shades. Still, he loves the heavily large, decorative elements, and integrates them into the home decoration at a high frequency. If you love these cultures and their intense elements, then the ethnic decoration is perfect for you.

7) Industrial

The industrial home decor style is made up of raw materials and colors that resemble factory references. Rugged natural wood or metal is a favorite element of it, as well as massive furniture or large naked areas, reminiscent of industrial facilities.

8) Romantic

The romantic home decor is characterized by pale shades and flower-like mood. Match different soft shades and create a romantic oasis that everyone will love.

9) Shabby chic

The shabby chic home decoration, loves the simple and casual style. He does not have strict lines on furniture like the minimal, while he loves raw materials like the industrial style. If you love the natural beauty of furniture and materials, the favorite trend of 2019, the shabby chic decor is here to fascinate you.

10) Rustic

The rustic decoration borrows the modern mood with elements that dominate the wood in a more special form. This style is particularly popular as it combines modern aesthetics with the timeless beauty of wood and rough decorations.

After seeing all the home decor styles, you can find the one that suits your own personality and build your dream home. You can combine close trends together, but do not diverge drastically from one or two as the result will confuse the eye.

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