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Design The Living Room: The 5 Rules to Know

From the place of the sofa to the choice of the floor, here are our five essential tips to decorate a practical and convivial living room.

Designing a living room is not always as easy as you think. Multifunction room, in the heart of the house, the living room requires a little thought. To get off to a good start, here are some key things to keep in mind. 

#1: Start by placing the sofa

The main element, the sofa determines the rest of the living room layout. Most often against a wall to save space, the sofa can also be placed across the room, against a console for example, as a separation between two distinct spaces (the living room and the dining room, by example). 

The orientation of the sofa is based on the entrance of the light in the room and the point to which you want to pay attention (a coffee table, a nice view, a fireplace, a relaxation area, a TV.). Once in place, draw a living room plan consistent with your desires.  

#2: Arrange the furniture according to your daily

The living room is the center of the house. He thinks himself according to each of its inhabitants. When thinking about designing a living room, take stock of your lifestyle in this room. How many people are there? Which activities predominate? At what time of the day? The diagram of the room must be in adequacy with your daily life. For young children, plan a free space to play on the ground. If you have lunch or dinner in this living room, place the table closer to the kitchen and a piece of furniture to store the dishes next to it, etc. Also, calculate the right distance between your couch and your TV. You may also want to check out Living.ca living room organizer to better help you stay organized in your living room. 

#3: Treat the light

From morning to night, the living room is a room where light must be abundant. Before you build your house, consider locating it to the south and if possible with large openings. The layout of the living room come, place the corner sofa near a window to gain natural brightness. Prefer the light colors to increase the feeling of space and to reflect the light better.  

The living room is also a multifunctional room par excellence: one reads, works, dines, plays, and discusses. Consequently, it is advisable to multiply the sources of direct and indirect light for a living room pleasant to live. 

#4: Opt for a practical floor

The living room is necessarily a place of passage. In an apartment or a house, focus on the practical side. Also, consider the characteristics of the room itself and its inhabitants. Is the living room attended by a single person or a family? Children in low ages? A person with reduced mobility? Pets

#5: Create a personalized and cozy space

Beyond the practical side, the living room is also a pleasant space to live in, in which one must feel good. The layout of this piece is to work according to your personality. Before you start, list the colors and materials you like. Note the seats in which you like to enjoy (at friends or in a cafe) and go for a walk in the exhibition spaces of furnishing brands, you will find tracks to follow. Multiply the cushions on the sofa, they create a cocoon atmosphere. Then personalize your living room by dressing the walls according to your desires. 

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