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Decking Calculator- Shows You Value of Money

WPC composite decking comes mostly in 5 major colors, mahogany, slate grey, walnut, weathered stone, and chocolate. They are 138mm wide, 5.4 meters long solid composite deck with a rough sanded finish on both sides. Composite timber decks weather within 4 to 12 weeks after it is installed and comes with a ten years warranty. They are many advantages it has very low maintenance cost and only needs periodic washing with water and detergent. The sanded finish gives a virtual woody look as the cellulose fibers are bare. You can get decking of particular color, length, and width if you order for it. They are easy and quick to install a saving lot of money.


Once you install composite timber decking, you need no oiling, painting, or staining. Sporadic cleaning with water and detergent will maintain its attractiveness and steadiness. Some decks come with a 25-year stain and fade warranty, ensuring they look and perform like the same as the first day of its fitting. It is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and termite and white ant resistant. It is scratch and insect-proof, free from a splinter, making it safe and comfortable for people who live with children and pets.


With continuous evolution and improvement, it gives a natural look similar to wood. Wood grain pattern and solid vibrant colors give your home an aesthetic look. The color options are wide and vivid, as well as tropically motivated boards that give a distinct look of striking hardwoods. From composite timber, you can make stairs, furniture, gates, pergolas, and can truly personalized outdoor space. Above all, it gives the same look and feel of wood without impacting the environment. They are manufactured from recycled materials, which include industrial wood, plastic scraps, minimizing garbage production.

Value for Money

It is true that the initial cost of composite timber decking is high compared to regular wood decking. But when you consider the maintenance cost of wood decking, the composite decking pays its full value within a period of ten years. Decking calculator will exhibit once you factor the initial cost of composite timber decking over common timber decking you save a lot of money and time year after year. Composite decking provides a greener option saving the wildlife and rain forest of this lovely planet. It saves a lot of money as it has very low maintenance and replacement cost. Composite decking lasts much longer than common timber decking.

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