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Craftsman Interior Design: The New Look for Classy Homeowners

You cannot get enough of the latest craftsman designs in town now. The world is moving, so should you. Ancient architectural designs have become old-fashioned and should be thrown out of the window. In recent times, cutting-edge designs are continuously made to give the home a rich, classy and appealing appearance. Such designs can be found in porches and rafters especially. These craftsman designs have definitely come to stay.

The popularity of craftsman style is taking over other brands in the similar sector. The birth of craftsman home is due to the hard mechanical conventional culture that led to the Arts and Crafts movement. This occurred during the era of the Industrial Revolution.

Dating back to the 1920s, craftsman homes are constantly matching with the trends of modern times. There are houses that were constructed with the craftsman styles in the 20th century that are refurbished to meet the requirements of the new age. This transformation has resulted in the relocation of craftsman homes to new areas.

Back in the days, Craftsman homes were unlike the normal standard of homes in that era. Made with natural materials, the homes’ focal points were the Craftsman doors and windows. The wood and bricks were sometimes used to reinforce the rafters, roofs, and porches.

The most common feature of craftsman homes is wood windows that are double-hung. This comes with grilles of the six-over-one or four-over-one types. The craftsman home style may be pleasant to the sight but the intricacy of construction cannot be overemphasized.

These are ways to build your home the ‘Craftsman’ way:

1.      ‘Wood’ it up

Adding wood trimmings to the home gives your home a historic and earthly appearance. This style of decoration blends accurately with all eras. While this adds a touch of class and appeal to the overall structure, it can also be a great source of inspiration for other homeowners. In case you are thinking about remodelling your home, they are the best pieces to find vintage architectural inspirations.

2.      Handmade Tiles

Craftsman homes are specifically complemented with unique handmade tiles. Coastal breeze and ash are beautiful hues to choose from. Also, they come in various shapes and sizes – hexagons, subway, rounds, and so on. The beauty of these tiles is best seen in kitchens and bathrooms.

3.      Warm décor

As said earlier, a craftsman home is alluring and appealing to people. The historical colors such as brown and green, create a type of grandeur that makes it inviting to every guest that comes around. If you have a huge budget, you can combine this with suitable furniture and soft lighting.

4.      Brick and stone accents

Stone and brickwork are excellent natural materials, after wood and tile. Both materials can be used in kitchen and patio floorings.

5.      Scheme of fresh color

Neutral and muted colors such as warm grey are especially suited for craftsman homes. If you want a royal appearance, warm whites can be used in the interior decoration.

Because craftsman homes are different from conventional homes, efforts must be made to live up to the standard of the home. Thus, the unique characteristics that distinguish them should be put into consideration when setting up your craftsman home. Give your home a traditional look by installing Craftsman Doors and windows.

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