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Switzerland is famous for many things, chief among them chocolates, cheese, and the Swiss Alps. The quality of life, excellent infrastructure, and favorable tax structure make it the perfect place to live in. At Cosmos Values, we have experts in real estate, law, and finance. If you are planning to buy property, Cosmos Values will help you navigate the real estate intricacies. We assist you with:

Arrange Valuations

When it comes to buying private or business property, we are at hand to arrange valuations for the property. Given our vast experience, we are able to help our clients search for appropriate housing. If you intend to buy the house, we help you navigate all the legal procedures involved.

We arrange for a property valuation to make sure our clients get the best deal and pay the correct amount due for the property. Switzerland has strict rules on foreigners buying a property. At Cosmos Values, we advise you on your options. You can buy property if:

  • You are an EU or EFTA member
  • You have a Swiss C permit
  • You have a Swiss B permit, but with this, you can only purchase a house to live in. You cannot rent the house.

If you are in neither of these categories, you have to apply for a license to purchase the property. The licensing varies on each canton. It favors you if you have resided in a particular canton for more than 5 years.

Finance Assistance

At Cosmos Values, we have a large network of professionals who are involved in the process of buying a property. Our financial advisers are on standby to organize for financing from banks. Cosmos Values negotiates with the bank and signs the contract on your behalf

Once you apply for financing, the bank assesses the property value and makes the decision whether to give you the mortgage or not. Cosmos Values, having evaluated the property beforehand means chances of the bank giving you the mortgage are higher. You have to give a 20% deposit, and 10% has to be cash.

Notary Certification

A notary handles property transfers. The notary is a government official who works for both parties- the seller and the buyer. You can select your notary if you wish. After the deposit, the notary holds the money in trust via escrow. There has to be a written agreement that shows in what circumstances the money is returnable or forfeitable. Cosmos Values follows up on the notary certification process and a certificate issued.


Property insurance in Switzerland is compulsory for every property owner. The basic insurance for buildings covers floods, fires, and natural calamities. If a property owner wishes to, he/she can take out more insurance, for example, insurance against tenant damage.

Once you have bought your home, Cosmos Values supports you in navigating the tricky insurance processes. We advise you on the best insurance packages to sign up for as well as the best insurance companies.

Reading the Fine Print

In Switzerland, the homeowner is not under any obligation to inform you about any structural problems with the house. It is up to you to do your due diligence. This is where Cosmos Values comes in. When we do a valuation, we also do a thorough property survey to keep you on the safe side.

With newer properties, we make sure we ask for the estimates of costs and the building plans. We also ask to see the land records and confirm if there are other future developments plans. We also check that there are no rights of way or access roads. Reading the fine print on your behalf is our job to ensure you do not get the short end of the stick

Buying property is not easy in Switzerland if you are not informed. It is better to leave this job to experts who have been doing it for years. We know all the inner workings of the property laws and we do our job to perfection.

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