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Consolidating Personal Belongings When Getting Married

When a couple decides to marry and move into a home together, there is likely to be an abundance of personal items to organize for moving and storage service containment. Many people discover they have duplicate items that their spouse-to-be also owns. Here are some tips that will aid in consolidating items so the new home does not become cluttered with too many belongings from the get-go.

Compile Lists About Items In Possession

Each partner should make a list of the items they have in their respective homes. This can be done on a room by room basis to make it easier to compare items with the other party. These lists will make it apparent about which items are in abundance and which may be needed, helping the couple to furnish their home with necessities rather than excess baggage. The lists can also be compared with an online list of “first home must-haves”. If neither person has an item, it can be added to a wedding registry so it can perhaps be obtained as a gift.

Decide Where Items Will Be Relocated

After lists are made, they should be evaluated by both parties. This can first be done by one person, then the other person, then both people together. This will give each person time to look over the information their spouse-to-be had given to them in a quiet setting without distractions. When the lists are checked over together, each party can give their input about which of the items they believe should be kept and which should be placed into a storage unit. If there is no compromise about a particular duplicate item, both can be brought to the home if desired. There is bound to be agreement about other items, helping to cut down on the amount being moved to the new home.

Use Appropriate Labels To Separate Items

All items will need to be packaged for a ride in a moving truck or personal vehicle. It is a good idea for each party to label their belongings with their name upon each box or piece of furniture, as well as the content and the location where the item will be taken. Items being placed in a storage facility can be labeled with a different colored marker from items being taken to the home. Alternately, different colored stickers can be affixed to packaging to make it easier to separate the location where items are going. It is wise for each party to use different colors for their packages so items can be positioned in a storage unit in a way where they can be found by each party without a lot of difficulty as well.

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